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    F/S .22lr remington bucket

    120 would be my lowest.
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    F/S .22lr remington bucket

    120 anyone?
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    DONE 500 rd. case Winchester 9mm 115 g. $300

    Would you trade for some .22 ammo?
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    DONE 1000 round case Wolf 9mm, 115gr FMJ - SOLD

    Would you trade for a couple of .22 remington buckets?
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    F/S .22lr remington bucket

    Open to offers!
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    What if Biden wins? What’s your predictions with a president Biden?

    Riots and covid will disappear
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    Grocers Stockpile, Build 'Pandemic Pallets' Ahead of Winter

    Been prepping myself. Buying items that were hard to purchase. Currently building a fort out of TP.
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    Vacuum Sealer

    I have a foodsaver.. I use it from time to time. When i do use it..i seal a lot. If youre planning on sealing often and multiple go with a commercial sealer. I sealed some old 12 gauge my grandfather purchased way before my time..might be over kill..but anyway..well worth picking one...
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    F/S .22lr remington bucket

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    Pelosi Threatens to use 25th Amendment to remove Trump

    The good half anyway
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    Trail cam pics

    This made my night lol
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    NYC ammo law

    Thanks for the advice!
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    COVID - New Edicts From The King

    Lets hope so Lucky you..been looking at houses so I could join you with the views..but thats another story.. And thanks!
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    Pelosi Threatens to use 25th Amendment to remove Trump

    Feel like it would be tough to do with all the tree huggers.