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    Attorney General Bonta Leads Coalition Backing Commonsense Approach to Concealed Carry Laws

    Two things... Firstly - CALIFORNIA! (Who cares!) Secondly, "COMMON SENSE" is an Anti Gun agenda Buzz Word... So fuck them all! Besides, if it's "common" sense, why do so FEW have it??? Riddle me that...
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    Biden drone strike a lie: innocent aid worker and family killed, not ISIS-K

    Come On Man... I'm in my way to Rehoboth, no time for questions! Besides, I consulted all the best military experts and they agreed that this target was high value, so there's that! Besides, it was Trump's fault don't ya know! ... ... News & Social Media... CRICKETS! Now if the...
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    Teacher Takes Down American Flag In Classroom, Says It Represents ‘Violence And Menace And Intolerance’

    "I know my kids and I know what's best for them"... Well, firstly, they're NOT your kids! Secondly, you're JUST a teacher, period! All these educators think way too much of themselves and really think it's their job to shape hearts and minds... Or indoctrinate the children to THEIR...
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    Virginia attorney general rules state law prohibits guns near early voting locations

    VA has gone full WOKE with the recent infusion of Liberal Governorship... Just WOW! So, you cannot exercise one RIGHT while exercising another... Real cute! Guess if you're going to attend a public rally or protest you must choose which right you want to exercise! Fuck these idiots...
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    Five-Hour Course Proposed For Gun Purchases

    % efficiency is an arbitrary and capricious burden and hurdle to surpass in order to exercise a RIGHT, completely and with little doubt, unconstitutional! Let alone it in all probability being created by someone who's s never shot a firearm in their life! I can GUARANTEE that... I'm all for...
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    Texas abortion ruling will give Biden the excuse to pack the Supreme Court.

    And then then next administration adds 4 judges, and so on... Of course, it's all on the road to ruin! Rome did not fall from the barbarians beating down the gates! Those in charge let them walk in as Rome was just an thin eggshell of its former self! The longest standing Republic lasted...
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    Florida doctor refuses to treat the unvaccinated and thinks it’s ok.

    Today... Our contemporary state of affairs is people being overwrought with the ideal that it's up to them to decide exactly what is acceptable or ok for others to, Do, Think, Say, Act, etc... When it should be the exact opposite! Leave me the fuck alone, I do, think, say, act, exactly how I...
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    While Hostages are Held in Afghanistan, Kamala Harris Plans to Campaign for Gavin Newsom

    What's not to understand, the current administration has moved on! And the news media is looking for the next big thing to hypersensationalize!
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    Five-Hour Course Proposed For Gun Purchases

    Yeah... And when will the 5 Hour courses begin in order to obtain your permission card to use when you go vote?
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    Florida doctor refuses to treat the unvaccinated and thinks it’s ok.

    Who gives a shit...? But there's no legal culpability, doctors regularly refuse service for many reasons. The first and foremost is the inability to pay for services!...
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    Why are Gun Controllers so AFRAID of Texas....

    Why are they afraid to walk down the street when there's loud noises? Why are they afraid when a building they're in doesn't have a safe room or desks to hide under? Why are they afraid to look in the mirror? Who knows and who cares... A coward dies a thousand times, a warrior but once...
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    NYPD 12lb trigger possibly discontinued.

    How about actual training time, force on force drills and some range time, all mandatory... More than the ridiculous qualification standards that exist now. Let's not forget physical proficiency exhibition as well... From fitness to the ability to handle yourself or an assailant for that...
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    Swap a 30/10 round fixed mag to a 10 round fixed mag

    Good example of why epoxy is bullshit... Permanent does NOT mean rendering your firearm unserviceable! It pains me to see this... Good luck!
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    “This is getting ridiculous,” councilwoman says of teen shooting

    No, accountability comes after the fact... Root Cause would be what I prescribed, that people ACT accordingly, within the laws of nature and that of the land... To NOT commit offense against your neighbor! To NOT Do Unto Others... Period! It's a hard sell... We are the only creatures on Earth...
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    “This is getting ridiculous,” councilwoman says of teen shooting

    It is, it has been, and it will continue to be "ridiculous"... As long as the woke culture keeps talking about "root" causes while ignoring the obvious that they won't talk about... As long as they keep blaming everything for a person's actions but the person themselves! "IT" It "IS" the...