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    New Indoor Range - Rochester NY - On Target Firearms

    I used to work just up Basket Rd less than a mile away. Too bad this wasn't 3 years ago but I'll try it out soon don't want to wait until spring to do some shooting away from the cold winds at my outdoor range.
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    Klubfunstore Closed?

    Anyone left who will do a 25$ transfer?
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    Rochester Brooks Restrictions

    I would be very interested in joining but seems impossible unless you know someone there real well.
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    Rochester Brooks Gun Club Drone View

    New hours for Brooks pistol/rifle are up on their website
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    Rochester Brooks Gun Club Drone View

    the new pistol bay has been sitting unfinished for some time now; overgrown, no target frames. Also, Doug stopped by while I was there a few days ago and told me pistol/rifle hours will likely be reduced significantly and dependent on the presence of a range officer all because of some idiots...