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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Picked up the Andersen stripped lowers I ordered from my FFL. UPS dropped off my lower build kits along with a couple Pmags. I got some dagger defense BUIS as well too lazy to take em off for a pic.
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    Shooting range ND (a bit graphic warning)

    As any responsible gun owner would be I was cringing watching him handle that pistol. Basic safety was non existent. I’ve had trouble before clearing a jam from one of my rifles. I set it down and got help from the RO. What a shame this situation was 100% avoidable.
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    Erie county pistol adding timeframe

    This thread has crushed my dreams of quickly being reunited with my ruger.
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    Erie county pistol adding timeframe

    Damn I mailed one in Monday
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Mailed in my paperwork to the PP office this morning. Hopefully it’s a quick turnaround.
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    Ruger customer support. (very positive outcome)

    When I messed up my PCC they fixed it for free. I was extremely happy and will continue to buy their products.
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    Kitchen makeover

    I did this on my kitchen cabinets. HUGE pain in the ass but made my wallet happy.
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    COVID - New Edicts From The King

    Boy I’m sure glad NYS is looking out for me
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    Public "Subdues" Suspect After He Starts Pounding On Cop

    This was a nice change of pace. They probably beat on him a little to much but it’s all good.
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    The Apocalypse.... Is it really upon us?

    Apocalypse? Maybe... all I can say is bring it on I’ll survive.
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    Painting Magpul Stock... has anyone done this?

    Had a fore end and stock cerakoted with zero issues.
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    How much ammo do you keep on stock just incase?

    Enough to give me the warm fuzzies.
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    2020 Gardening Thread

    I just used 2 - 10’ sticks of 1/2” pvc conduit. I screwed one side down with 2 - 1/2” two hole emt clips then I bent the pipe down and clipped and screwed it the same way on the other side. I repeated the process on the opposite side of the bed. I took 2’ wide chicken wire and cut it about 6”...