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    Petition for inflation(UBI $2,000/month)

    ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.
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    US Catholic Bishops to Vote on Denying Biden Communion

    That and standing in front of the American flag.......
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    Coca-Cola president lauds the decisive action of the Chinese government as the company continues to invest

    That was once a symbol of America....Now it's commie sugar water to me...
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    Hunter Biden’s Gun Was Taken by Hallie Biden and Thrown in a Trash Can Near a High School (On October 23, 2018 )

    Those guys are a higher form of life than you or I...The guy on the right has a flag pin and must be a true patriot.....
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    The Gun Show thread

    Polish community ctr. Albany, N Y 3/27-3/28
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    WH Press Sec: Joe Biden Looks Forward to Repeal of Gun Maker ‘Liability Shields’

    What happened to the millions of people the tobacco companies killed.....
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    Governor Andrew Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Adviser

    How would FUAC feel if someone did that to his daughter.... What a scumbag...
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    DOJ Opens the Door to Seeking New Domestic Terror Powers

    Obummer is the voice in the ear piece.....