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    Beaver removal

    Now THAT would be big trouble to be "quietly" dealing with his problem and having stray rounds make contact with unintended targets. Yikes!
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Now if only the rest of NYS would come to their senses and drop Governor Dicknose...
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    Beaver removal

    Loose lips sink ships....
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    NYPD: 2 Gunmen Wanted After 10 Shot In Front Of Queens Business

    Maybe Wilhelm can continue to slash the NYPD budget. Clearly this incident was the fault of racist white police. If we had less of them on the payroll, these things would stop.
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    Anyone stocking up more and more??

    For sure. Have a generator, installed a Reliance transfer switch years ago, and keep 110 gallons of stabilized fuel in two 55 gallon drums to run it.
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    Anyone stocking up more and more??

    Same, been buying a 1/4 cow for years from a local farmer. 1 year old corn fed their entire life, best damn beef 9ve ever head. The chuck steaks are like ribeyes they're so tender. Usually get 200 lbs for $700. Comes processed, frozen and labeled. All i donis show up and pay. Have a 10 cu ft...
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    What no bacon? Pigs need more space per CA commies.

    This is it right here. This was a ballot item that the people voted for with NO CLUE what it really was. Of course it sounds great to be more humane to animals when you check that box on the ballot.
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    The CDC needs to make it clear the unvaccinated are the problem.

    But the jab is "Safe and Effective"!
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    Biden encourages states to give people $100 from the “relief” bill to get vaccinated

    When you have to pay people to take something that is already free, your product sucks.
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    Republican Biker Running For Congress

    Love it
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    Officer on Jan. 6: 'This is how I'm going to die'

    92G maybe? Lol.
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    Officer on Jan. 6: 'This is how I'm going to die'

    Such an unruly crowd! Quick, everyone hide under the desks!!
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    Gun maker offers $33M to settle suit by Sandy Hook families (WTF)

    Yep, agreed. Its a selfish move, but thats corporate America. The lawyers working this case don't care if they screw the pooch, they're focused on whats best for their client in this case only. Sad.
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    Gun maker offers $33M to settle suit by Sandy Hook families (WTF)

    Pretty sad, but settlements happen all the time. Probably a lot cheaper than fighting it and losing. It might actually be better that the case doesn't go to trial. If Remington loses (whichbin the woke age they might...) then yiu have case law that could take down the PLCAA.