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    Legal Question: Covid 19 and Article 35

    He is a typical socialist.
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    NY , NJ & CT Maybe Facing a Federal Quarantine

    Who ever thought this wasn't going to spread out across the country? Who thought 14 days would take care of this? Why can I buy PPE yet " first responders" can't? Notice tv adds were invented, produced, and running
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    NY , NJ & CT Maybe Facing a Federal Quarantine

    Cuomo " the President must do something " , then " don't tell me what to do"!
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    New York Suspends Pistol Permitting, Shuts Down Remington in Response to COVID-19

    Russia, you can't get food all the time, but you can always get vodka.
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    Corona is a major over-reaction designed by the Democrats as a last-ditch effort to harm President Trump

    And yet, we will do the same stuff a year from now, not remembering our past.
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    Bernie Sanders Suspends Campaign

    At your tax department receiving in box.
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    Bernie Sanders Suspends Campaign

    How is this President Trumps fault? He has been fighting the dumbocraps his entire term and still got much accomplished. Who saw this chicom virus on the horizon? Don't we have people (not the President) whose JOB is just this, Surgeon General, states health people? Do we blame Trump for a TP...
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    State Police find stolen handgun possessed by Pittsfield man

    Is that the gun "lost" by the cop this year?
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    Cuomo suspends ALL SUNY and CUNY classes for the rest of the semester

    This is great news! From here on ALL schooling will be done on line, school tax will drop and higher education will be cheap! Moms can stay home with the kids, It's a win win win win.
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    CNBC-host proposes killing 11,000,000 people to save US-economy

    Do you think we will somehow keep this from spreading? Can we stop the flu? We used to take kids to other children who had the mumps. It is your right to get this flu; the law is the next one under the abortion law just look . ;)
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    Xanax - good or bad with Unsafe Act rules

    :) just threw that out for anyone stressing about life.
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    Bloomberg Explains How Healthcare will Bankrupt Us Unless We Deny Care to Elderly

    How about the time I contacted my carrier to report double dipping by the hospital and they could care less. Lazy, me me, my my, pos people.
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    Xanax - good or bad with Unsafe Act rules

    Get that divorce and move on.
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    Political Picture thread.

    "Shoot em, shoot em!"