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    Pennsylvania non-resident

    My NR PA license is expiring. They want me to go to Scranton and put all my paperwork in a sealed envelope in a box in the vestibule. They will then call me for an appt. I emailed them to ask if I could mail it in but no response. I guess I'll be making two trips to Scranton. Crazy.
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    At least 8 gun bills Tuesday

    What a surprise that the NIGHT BEFORE the reciprocity vote was supposed to take place, the Las Vegas shooting happened. Funny...we still don't know much about what really happened there do we? Largest mass shooting in history.
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    Hi from Houston!

    Welcome, from a fellow Houstonian. I've been in NYC for 30 years, and my friends in Houston think I'm liberal. Liberal takes on a whole new meaning here, and you will become VERY CONSERVATIVE in NY terms in no time. I'm constantly telling the people of Texas to wake up. They say it "can't...
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    Project Appleseed Fall 2018 SaraSpa R&G Club

    I'm a long way from Rifleman, but Appleseed is absolutely a good time, and God bless the instructors. i'm a believer in the cause for sure. And CONGRATS to you for the excellent shooting!
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    Help with first pistol

    I was in the same boat. As a matter of fact, I only got a license because I felt like there would soon be a time when I couldn't, and it was not going to get easier in the foreseeable future. I bought a Ruger SR22. It was a fantastic first pistol and fun to shoot. After I got proficient with...
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    Socialist Dems Say Bernie Too Right-Wing

    I could not agree more. This is a tremendous opportunity for Republicans. I wish that they would stop talking about Roe V Wade, and move solidly toward the middle right. I believe that the 2nd amendment makes all others possible, and we need to focus on that message and do our best to explain...
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    Alan Dershowitz slams Martha's Vineyard liberals for 'shunning' him over Trump defense

    It really is amazing isn't it? I believe that this is all good for republicans. I know more than a few liberals that are beginning to see what is really going on here. I just spent a week working in SF, and I can't tell you the number of "underground" people that I met that think that Trump...
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    Saw a half white half brown deer today.

    Here's a black squirrel in Brooklyn. Circa 2015...
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    Oregon governor refuse trump order on national guard

    Agreed. And as soon as they are asked any intelligent questions to explain their position, or some news event doesn't fit their agenda, they shut up fast. What amazes me is that everyone in America can't see what is so obvious.
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    PA Non-Resident Pistol Permit

    Lackawanna is where I got mine...easy peasy, but I didn't have restrictions in NY. Some of the counties are harder than others.
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    They had their rally, who's planning ours?

    I'm in for DC.
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    FUAC says that Trump's tax plan may be unconstitutional

    The best part was when he criticized Congress for "not letting the people review it" and "passing it in the middle of the night". He's a toad.
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    New York will sue to block Trump's tax reform plan if it passes, Cuomo says

    NY politicians are in dreamland. The fact is that we were already not competitive, this will just seal the coffin. Clueless...totally clueless and corrupt to boot. Maybe this will be a wake up call when people leave the state in even greater numbers than they are now.
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    Hunter "thinks" woman is a deer

    No excuse for that. None at all. Outrageous.
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    Hypothetical questions if HR 38 passes

    God I hope that happens. At the end of the day, the Safe Act is unconstitutional, and the faster we get a hearing on the federal level the better.