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    Ammunition found locally today

    Sportsman's warehouse-henrietta as of 10 am Saturday had 4 cases of 556 and 223 total. 2 box maximum-steel and brass case, xm193 and FMJ. Plus a sale via promotions in store. Picked up 2 boxes 20 rounds XM193 @ 14. 99 /box before 15 percent discount. All in, including taxes 27.52 for 40 rounds.
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    50 shots in rochester last night

    Funny you mention that. Haven't had shots fired in my area in years, yet on the street I live on, with around 16 families living here, and all but one are gun owners yet never a problem. Go figure . And im certain all 50 shots were fired in self defense by law abiding, concealed carry permit...
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    NRA files Bankruptcy

    Has nothing to do with New York politics, remember? It just the weather Cuomo said....... (sarcasm)
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    DONE 9mm and 5.56 ammunition for sale

    Mostly due to the potential of gladiatorial warfare, and being old, I'm out
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    New from WNY

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    New from Hudson Valley

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    Let's play a game. Show us something you don't think anyone else here has.

    Thanks @cgrutt . Long way to go, most of the winter I believe. Its fairly large @ 30 x 48 overall. Tons still to do. Glad I bought a CNC years ago. Definitely a force multiplier in a shop.
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    Let's play a game. Show us something you don't think anyone else here has.

    Not sure where else to post, or even if I should here but, as mentioned in another thread, mechanical woodworking is my winter hobby. Above is a clock I showed, and here is the current project. A wooden wall mounted mechanical metal marble raceway as seen in museums, also seen in the movie "the...
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    New from central NY

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    Orchard Park business owner have had enough, toss out sheriff and Dept of Health

    Pulling thier license is exactly the threat that will be used. A locally loved shooting range in Rochester, the firing pin, was threatened by the health department with this exact same scenario at the beginning of the shutdowns in March. I may be wrong, but in the beginning I believe they...
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    Silly question about initial permit application

    If you do find a vp9 and move forward with it, please share your experience with that as well. It's one I've had an eye on for nearly a year.
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    Silly question about initial permit application

    Congratulations and thanks for the update. Was hopeful all would work out for you and it did. And as far as the other unnamed person who @Edwardteach72 mentioned, he hasn't been around in over a month. I guess being proven wrong on multiple occasions could have been a bit too much. Now get...
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    Triggers for ar 15s and person opinions

    The red pill is epic. Since purchasing my first firearm this year, what a red pill it was.......
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    Triggers for ar 15s and person opinions

    Have a light and green laser already attached . Haven't popped for a sling yet, was leaning more towards a detachable bipod first.