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    Kamala Harris claims it is “almost impossible” for rural Americans “to Xerox” [photocopy] their ID.

    Apparently shes brain dead too much time on Willie Browns pencil
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    Cuomo declares NY state of emergency to address surge in gun violence.

    State of emergency started when Cuomo became Gov. Dipshit
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    Americas first black billionaire calls for reparations and wants his cut too

    Screw him, go after UK there the one who brought slaves to the new World it was England’s penal colony
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    Joe Biden, the secret Second Amendment salesman

    Definitely drank too much of the Jim Jones Kool-Aid brain dead idiot
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    Biden to blame crime wave on guns rather than post protest tolerance for lawlessness

    What a bumbling idiot for a President
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    Black Lives Matter activist shot in head

    Oh well here today gone tomorrow
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    Warren Says Pandemic 'Our Chance to Expand Our Idea of What Infrastructure Means’

    Democrats are so far out in common sense it’s pitiful. Drank too much of the Kool-Aid
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    Battle brewing over banning natural gas hook ups to homes

    Majority is now natural gas used to be coal & #6 oil
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    Cuomo says not so fast on the mask removal

    It’s all about control King Dick Head will tell when you can
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    LOL, Nancy Pelosi ~~~ street fighter, LOL

    Yea she was a street hooker more like it