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    Political Picture thread.

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    Congressman Elijah Cummings Passes Away at 68

    now it seems a watchdog has asked the DA to investigate Cumming's wifes charity
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    surprise, surprise, Pelosi ----> NO VOTE ON IMPEACHMENT

    oddly, the DOJ (Adam Schitt) Changed the rules the week before the whistle-blower came forward, Hearsay is now admissible evidence of wrong doing
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    Political Picture thread.

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    surprise, surprise, Pelosi ----> NO VOTE ON IMPEACHMENT

    because they would rather leave this as a one sided bullshit inquiry. It's all good, these assholes will be going down, soon
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    Siena Poll: Cuomo job approval rating up? not by much

    another bias Siena Poll: Siena poll: Cuomo's job performance rating improving I have no idea who they poll, Im guessing all of cuomos family, and half of Albany, but every person I run into hate the stupid fucker
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    84-Year Old Korean War and Police Veteran, School Crossing Guard Has Guns Confiscated Under ‘Red Fla

    Im going to guess Mr Nicolas does NOT have the financial resources to get his firearms back. this is "death by a thousand cuts", this is eventually going to happen to every single gun owner in the country, it will take 50 years, but this is what is going to happen
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    Political Picture thread.

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    Trump did not betray the Kurds

    I believe Pres. Trumps phone call with Erdogan was a 'heads up'. Turkey called to say "we are going to invade Syria whether the U.S. is there or not". With the small forces we had in the region, there was no point in getting the U.S. involved in a protracted war that could last years. Im...
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    Bernie Sanders has gone full retard-taxing rich up to 97.5%

    All the rich? ----> Grand Cayman's, here I come. does this stupid douche bag realize Venezuela did the same exact thing, ALL THEIR RICH immediately moved to Florida and brought all their money with them, stupid fuck. Between Sanders and Warren, this country would be doomed to third...
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    Political Picture thread.

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    AOC plan for a just society.

    ya, we killed them, FUCK YOU ASSHOLE
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    AOC plan for a just society.

    Like I said in another post, AOC and Warren would destroy the country in the name of "equality" these two fucking idiot have no clue what macro-economics is. There 'plans' would literally destroy the worlds economy and plunge the world into war