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    State lawmakers give Andrew Cuomo a big pay raise

    Actually I think the store are going back to plastic bag s, they are cleaner and safer than reusable bags
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    State lawmakers give Andrew Cuomo a big pay raise

    The state is broke, people are losing there jobs, and this asshole gets a raise AT 2:45 in the morning,. This is the only way this would pass. FUCK YOU CUOMO
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    45-70 round for Home Defense? (low penetration)

    405gr, projectile moving at1800 ft/sec? Is going through your neighbor house, there is a reason professional hunters in africa are switching to the 47-70, it's cheaper, and penetrate through a water buffalo
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    Political Picture thread.

    Nancy Pelosi daughter is on the BOD of the Kennedy Center, that's all you need to know
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    Political Picture thread.

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    Political Picture thread.

    cuomo sucks
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    Political Picture thread.

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    Law abiding gun owners under attack.

    you should check out the full on blitz the DemonRATs are doing in Virginia, Team Bloomturd/Soros are on a tear, trying to sign up every liberal in the state to vote, they are busing liberals to the polls. Now the DemonRAT majority is passing every law they can think of so that no...
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    Update from Sen. Rich Funke's FB page

    and, for the most part it's not good. Cuomo is trying to solidify his supreme power within New Yorkistan emphasis added by me: Time to accelerate moving out of New Yorkistan ~~~ 23 months and counting
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    Level 3 sex offenders among inmates released from Monroe County Jail..

    seriously, no cases of CoVid-19 have been reported at the jail, so why are they being released???
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    Dems Secretly Discussing Surprise Candidate to Take Nomination from Biden at Convention

    The DNC has no one that can rival Pres. Trump a Cuomo nomination would be problematic for the DNC, Cuomo's rabid dislike for the 2A, fracking and pipe lines and his abysmal economic record and sky high taxes, along with a failing public school system, could prove to be his downfall, before he...
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    NY , NJ & CT Maybe Facing a Federal Quarantine

    Cuomo is an arrogant douche
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    NY , NJ & CT Maybe Facing a Federal Quarantine

    well it seems there is a quarantine going into Florida: They actually have check points: Checkpoints at Florida state lines to keep travelers from spreading COVID-19 Key West is completely cut off from the rest of the country, they have limited resources, NO ONE in or out of Key west.
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    What are my options as a Long Islander in the current Carona Crisis.

    I think you-all worry to much. My general 'rule-of-thumb' when transporting firearms is simple ~~~ Keep all firearm cases out of site and locked, don't violate any traffic laws, and don't crash, go where ever you want.
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    Trump Admin Names Gun Makers, Retailers Essential Businesses Nationwide

    LOL, a few sheriff's in California are going to be pissed off, Pres. Trump, just "Trumped" them, LOL