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    Todays walmart score

    Thks, that's what I figured. Being at the right place at the right time. lol
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    Todays walmart score

    Nice find. What's they're supply like? Did they have more?
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    New, unfortunate member.

    I assume your son does not live with you (under the same roof). (If he does live with you, they probably won't transfer his guns to you because your son can/may access to them.) I suggest calling your FFL to get the details for the transfer. In my county, we have to hire a licensed FFL that's...
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    Curious rimfire ratshot question.

    I would agree with your gunsmith., reaming out the rifling on the 22 bbl may not be a good idea. When shot the bullet might be like a pinball traveling down the barrel. just a thought. How about a .410 for rat control? Maybe a shockwave in .410 or the S&W Governor, Taurus Judge revolvers. (A...
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    2020-21 Hunting Season

    Sorry, my fault (fixed it). Thanks I've been busy pheasant hunting. Haven't touch my bow in years and forgot.
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    2020-21 Hunting Season

    Beautiful buck kemo. Congrats.
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    2020-21 Hunting Season

    Congrats on a nice buck Robin. I haven't had any success w/ a grunt tube. so I gave it up.
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    How best to organize ammunition?

    Reloading for hunting with different grains and different bullets... I would keep them labeled or separate in something like a couple of MTM ammo box. This way you can keep take of the different cartridges. But if they're all the same spec, keep them in a ammo can.
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    My defenseless sister

    Maybe they were either a H&R pardner or Stevens shotgun. They're usually priced in that ball park. I've handled both at a LGS last yr. The H&R was heavy and cycling is rough. The Steven was a little better ( a maverick is better than either.) But for the money/ for someone that wants a shotgun...
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    My defenseless sister

    She found a bad time to look for a firearm. But then again, so did many other newbies. All the local big box stores on L.I. are cleaned out of H.D. shotguns (Moss, Maverick, savage, Rem..) All the Walmarts on L.I stop selling firearms (except one- but they're sold out anyway.) Even the LGS in...
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    Looking for a cheap lever rifle

    A Henry lever action in .22LR will be your least expensive lever action to purchase & shoot.. Any brand of lever action chambered in .357 will be harder to find and expensive. .357 lever action is in high demand. I own a few lever actions.. everything from big bore to pistol calibers. old...
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    Suppressor... Section 265.02 Not in NYS. A definite NO in NYC (NYC has the strictest gun rules.)
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    NYC Rifle Registration Form

    He has to registered his rifle with NYPD. It is a NYC rule. (NYC resid. are requires to posses a rifle/ shotgun permit in order to own either. ) I would try to go back to the store with your receipt & paperwork to get the NICS check#. They should have it on file.
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    F/S Vtg. O. F. Mossberg & Son 146B- A .22 Bolt-action Rifle

    F/S: Vintage O.F. Mossberg & Son 146B-A .22 bolt action rifle. in very good condition. 24 inch barrel with bright shinny bore. American dark walnut Monte Carlo stock. peep sight. Shoots .22 LR or .22 short. Price $300 Cash. Transfer at an FFL. Buyer is responsible for FFL fee. Location: W...
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    Misunderstand yute arrested for stealing guns and money from friends

    "THOMPSON – On August 20, 2020, State Police have arrested Theo Gilbert, age 19 of Rock Hill, for stealing guns and coins from his friends. Gilbert is charged with Grand Larceny 3rd degree, a felony. State Police say their investigation revealed that while Gilbert was staying with family...