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    SOLD 8 inch 9mm barreled upper

    Damn it
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    SOLD Benchmade Sheepsfoot 550 Griptilian, Spydiehole, S30V steel, LNIB $99

    Hahaha, it’s always possible for something like that to happen
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    SOLD Price drop: STI Executive 2011 in .40S&W-Brand New/Unfired!

    damn it, I would snatch this up if it were a 9mm or 45
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    SOLD Thordsen stock

    damn, I'm late on this. If all else fails, I'll take it
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    remember Kaitlin Bennett ? The lady that graduated then came back with a AR15 ..

    Like, literally, I really want that shirt (Peace, Love & Crabs)
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    Finally Purchased a Second Pistol

    The last time I purchased my G19x, it took 10 weeks. Hopefully you don't have to go through that.
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    WTB Thordsen stock

    Where are you located?
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    Mueller concludes Russia probe, delivers report to AG Barr

    agree 100%, every tax paying american should be f'in pissed off, and Ive been saying this for 2+ years
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    That’s my President

    Well maybe I’m wrong, but I was under the assumption that the wall was not going to be built the whole entire border...I agree that we could build up the security of the border, but that also starts with building up a wall, even if it’s not the whole entire border
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    That’s my President

    Let’s not forget the facts
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    That’s my President

    What the hell is wrong with a wall?!?! It’s been effective where it’s been installed. Maybe if you think like AOC and say facts don’t matter, only morals, then I can see
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    That’s my President

    This thread went from Trump calling BS on a BS investigation into a BS thread... Still My Fucking President!!!