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    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case Supreme Court case and decision

    Nothing on the site talks about whether a NYS permit is now valid in NYC. Seems like a pretty important question, no?
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    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case Supreme Court case and decision

    How long did it take Chicago to cave and introduce a “reasonable” carry scheme when they lost their case? Eventually, they stopped fighting it and put a CCW system in place.
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    DONE LEGO sets sealed

    And what would the price be on the 911?
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    DONE LEGO sets sealed

    Is there a Porsche 911 in there?
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    NYC Special Carry

    Anyone ever have any luck getting a Special Business Carry Permit out of the NYPD? (It’s the permit that validates your otherwise invalid non-nyc county permit in the city.) I've been appointed executor of a rather large estate in NYC and will be going there often to catalogue, appraise, and...
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    WTB Israeli Surplus Guns

    Looking for two guns for my collection: 1) Israeli surplus Browning Hi Power. 2) Israeli surplus Mauser K98 rebarreled to 7.62. One with both Nazi and Israeli markings would be a “holy grail” find for me. let me know if you have such a thing sitting in your safe.
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    F/S 40 S&W and 38spl +p ammo for sale

    If you're coming to fishkill let me know - I'll deal for some .38 and meet you there as well.
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    F/S 40 S&W and 38spl +p ammo for sale

    I’d be interested in some of the .38, but don’t need all of it.
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    Hudson Valley NY (new member)

    Putnam Valley checking in!
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    If I could get fiber, I would. Unfortunately, I'm limited to Altice One - which in general sucks.
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    I received my dish last week. Pretty sure the roof is the only place it can go to get a good view of the sky, so I can't set it up until all the ice melts!
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    WTB Sig P229

    Who’s got one they don’t want anymore?
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    WTB Gen 3 Glock 17 or 34 Slide / Complete Upper

    Looking for a spare complete upper for a Gen 3 frame. Let me know what you’ve got! Even if it’s not complete and I need to add parts, I’ll consider it.
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    Running for office: Part one - Intro

    I ran for school board once. It was an... interesting experience,