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    CC in Del Largo Casino??

    The only time I was ever in Turning Stone I was asked if I was carrying. I think it might have been due to me using my Florida carry permit as ID.
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    MLB pulls allstar game from Georgia because of the new voting laws

    I cancelled my MLB subscription a year ago. I won't be watching any games this year. Also cancelled my NFL subscription.
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    News and updates from Rochester Personal Defense

    Late March news from your RPD, LLC Trainers! (
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    Here are the Republicans considering running against Andrew Cuomo

    Lee Zeldon and Elise Stefanik are both good.
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    Greetings, royal subjects!

    Welcome back.
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    New member!

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    Hudson Valley NY (new member)

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    NJ permit in NY

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    NJ permit in NY

    Not sketchy at all.
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    Fenix ammo, again. Now wont sell to biden supporters

    I'm looking for 38 Special. Looks like they don't carry revolver ammo.
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    Rochester Personal Defense Newsletter

    February Program update - And AMMO!! (
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    New member from Orange county

    Welcome. I used the snowblower yesterday, and again today.