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    Anyone else worried about the 2020 POTUS election?

    Yes I'm worried. 49% of the people are idiots and will vote Democrat no matter what. 48% are reasonably intelligent and will vote for Trump. I didn't vote for Trump in the primary in 2016, but it's not as if we have a choice. Throw in the illegals voting, those who vote early and often, these...
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    Don't hold your breath. The Safe Act and Hand Gun permit legislation are power trips for some cops. (and judges). Besides, arsonists, rioters, vandals, looters could get hurt if people are armed.
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    Nothing from SCOTUS again

    Yes, just looked. Only one writ granted. No action on any of the gun cases. At least writs were not denied on any gun case. We will see some day. Maybe.
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    SCOTUS rules in NYSRPA vs NYC

    You are right. In one case my client spent over $10,0000. Then when we have them cornered, the County gave up. Only cost them a signature. Corrupt power hungry govt operators.
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    SCOTUS rules in NYSRPA vs NYC

    All this bickering among ourselves is not helping. As an attorney, I'll still have to keep working with the courts. What happened here is the attorneys for the plaintiffs screwed up early on. In all my gun cases I plead that Art. 400 is unconstitutional because of the unlimited discretion of the...
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    West Virginia invites Virginia 2A Sanctuary Counties To join West V.

    This is going nowhere as it has to be approved by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Dems in control aren't going to let people escape any more than the Soviet Union would allow it's people to leave it's control. They don't want you or for you to have any freedom, but they...
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    What I Learned in Judge School

    Your comments on the law are correct as far as I understand. Just try to do the "right thing." I would much rather have a judge that tried to do the right thing who is not a scholar of the law, than one who is but uses his knowledge to screw me. And I have appeared before lots of judges, good...
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    One more reason I despise NY government agencies

    That is just how it worked. I was in a situation where I was commuting from Saratoga Spings area for a portion of a year to NYC. I filed income tax returns for NY, NJ and the Feds. The state "rejected" my state income tax return. Form "ba ba ba" was needed. I asked the CPA were I worked what is...
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    Today is the day.. SCOTUS hearing the NY 2A case

    Like I said, in a gun case in NY involving pistols, you should alway put in a count claiming Art. 400 is unconstitutional. You never know when you might have an opportunity to make that argument to a court that might actually listen and follow the constitution.
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    Today is the day.. SCOTUS hearing the NY 2A case

    Most of it is over mootness. You can tell the liberal judges want the case dismissed. But Alito asked the most pertinent questions re the new law requirement for "direct and uninterrupted" transport. Nobody discussed the most bizarre fact. How does the city of New York control what you do...
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    Today is the day.. SCOTUS hearing the NY 2A case

    There is an entire transcript.
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    Today is the day.. SCOTUS hearing the NY 2A case

    I read the entire transcript. My prediction is that the case will not be mooted and dismissed. It will be 5 to 4. The law will be found unconstitutional. Alito got the city's lawyer to admit there is a constitutional right to carry gun outside the home in some manner. If they put this in their...
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    In today’s little noticed NY news, a sea change has occurred p. DJT

    I've got six civil rights gun cases pending in the EDNY. At least two will go to the 2nd Cir. It is nice to know that it won't be a act of futility. All of them attack the constitutionality of Art. 400. With fair judges we should win, if Art 400 is not struck down before my cases reach the 2nd.
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    Long Island Gun Cases

    Spat, your are right, it is a war of attrition and we have already run out of resources. I'm working pro bono, but we will still have expenses. Weinstein came up with enough money for filing fee and service of process, but when we get to depositions, there will be more expenses. As before, NRA...
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    Long Island Gun Cases

    No matter how many times we proof read, a typo always shows up. Not a big deal here.