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    I thought this short video was pretty inspirational..

    That is good but we need ways he will fix these things. People want details these days.
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    Mar-a-Lago just raided by FBI

    Maybe and maybe not. He may have know. People were listening to his phone calls and baited them into this. Wouldn’t that be a great way to stir up support? Not saying this is the case but damn why not?
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    Hochul signs legislation eliminating the term inmate.

    Soon I fear we will be paying them for their stay and installing saunas.
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    NYS gov handout for development of window sized heat pumps for apartments

    More handouts to companies. Why do we do this? If there is a need for it let the market develop it on its own. I would potentially purchase one for my third floor if they are much more efficient than what I have now. It’s 520 square feet but I don’t hear it because heat rises but I do cool it...
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    Hochul signs legislation eliminating the term inmate.

    Wow super important and I’m sure this will make a dramatic change.
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    Anyone get a DMP yet?

    I saw that and it said to hit the get started button. I did and it didn’t come up. Maybe I’m on the naughty list because I never shoot deer because I suck. I’ll look again. Thanks.
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Good for you, you finally found one!!
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    Assemblyman DiPietro’s 4th Annual Sportsman Dinner

    He’s got balls and he maybe one of the only NYS politicians I actually like.
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    Mar-a-Lago just raided by FBI

    I mean what else are we supposed to think at this point? Have they found anything? Has Trump been arrested? What if they do find classified information when Hillary Clinton did the same thing?
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    DONE 1000 rounds 223/5.56 assortment $360

    If it doesn’t work out with Kozak I’ll take it. PM me if it doesn’t work out please. Cash is in hand.
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    The left is now claiming the right wants to defund police and other LEO

    It’s all optics for the upcoming election. The left is certainly winning the psychological game over the right. It’s not super hard since Hollywood and the media are on their side.
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    What city preppers can do to survive what is coming. Walk thru and saw potential for survival.

    Yes you’re correct but even besides that point there are many other issues. I didn’t bring up people as an issue because I thought that was a given. the size is an issue as most people do t have the size to support a family. The water is an issue because many have raised beds and they dry out...
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    Lets talk Red Dots on handguns

    The smaller MOA dot being less effected makes complete sense. My astigmatism is fairly bad and largely the only reason I need glasses. My FIL had a red dot and I think it was green and it looked like a lopsided snowflake to me. It was a cheap osprey or something like that so a more expensive one...
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    The left is now claiming the right wants to defund police and other LEO

    Just because we don’t want the federal spending and the IRS a size doubled doesn’t mean we don’t want police or enforcement of laws. We want dangerous criminals killing people investigated first before these financial crimes are investigated. Seem odd to me that they think they can make $44...