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    Temporary Restaining Order Issued For Concealed Carry Improvement Act (merged thread)

    Who said the courts were efficient? You have the right to a speedy trial, but that’s only if charged with a crime. I could be wrong but I don’t think this timeline is much longer or different than in the past and if it is they will just blame Covid.
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    Temporary Restaining Order Issued For Concealed Carry Improvement Act (merged thread)

    I think there has been plenty of other favorable rulings across the USA and in the lower courts of NYS. Also a mixed result doesn’t ensure scotus will take it up. They have a few options and they could hear the case, they could kick it back to the lower courts, or they could deny to hear the...
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    Temporary Restaining Order Issued For Concealed Carry Improvement Act (merged thread)

    Or they could have simply left the stay in place while they decided the case, but they didn’t and that indicates where they are going IMO
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    Oregon gun rights group filed lawsuit against proposition 114

    The sheriff’s are saying they can’t enforce/implement this because they don’t have the people, the money, and the training/guidance from the state.
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    BREAKING NEWS FROM Target Sports USA (NY Ammo Shipping)

    That line was taken out of context because you didn’t read the reply or maybe it wasn’t super clear. I meant most companies won’t be losing much money in the end and I was not referring to individuals. I feel many individuals will still have the ammo shipped to an FFL. I will do the same but the...
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    Velocity Ammo - NY ammo shipping

    It’s funny I hear this all the time but I have only bought five holsters for four CCW guns. I buy one and stick with it. If they don’t work I modify them so the do. My kydex for my ruger was hitting my thumb on draw so I filed it down. My crossbreed had to much leather for a proper grip on...
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    Harmeet Dhillon announces RNC run: 'Republicans are tired of losing'

    And the current one seemed that way as well. It won’t matter much IMO.
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    Individual allowances proposed under the proposed Climate change agenda

    Good way to ruin the country and the economy. The government will soon own everything.
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    Real ID implementation date delayed again

    We ever hearing about this for years so why keep delaying it? This has been around since before the pandemic and the number of billboards made to announce this is ridiculous
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    Terrifying Arsenal discoverd in Boston (yeah, right)

    Quote from the DA, he must be a pussy. The weaponry and accessories here are frightening," said Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden. "This is the type of firepower that conjures up nightmarish imagery of urban warfare."
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    Velocity Ammo - NY ammo shipping

    Just make sure those sinkers are not lead or you’ll be in trouble.
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    NYS assembly lines will be redrawn and comment period is upon us

    That’s exactly their plan. They did this with the senate and got smacked down hardcore.
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    Trumps dreams of dictatorship

    What about Biden’s words? What about Biden’s actions? How do you justify them? He can’t talk, he can’t walk, he shakes hands with the air, he speaks to the dead, killed 13 Americans, and is currently giving the Taliban money. I can go on and on but I’m sure you get the point. I have not seen you...
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    Texas entrepreneur fatally shot by police say he was defending his home

    Sure, but think about it tactically. You are much safer in your home that you are standing on a porch where the guy likely turned his light on so he can be seen and the perp may not be seen.
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    11 gang members arrested in NYC and they had guns

    N The laws don’t apply to these people only people like us.