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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Are these mice walking backwards?
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    Why does government seem to control so much of our lives now?

    Incremental steps... Have you read the" Overton Window"? Fiction... but a good take on the slow and steady progression and how it is changing the goal posts to fit an agenda.
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    LGS Scores (Saiga and Mosin)

    Convert that bad boy!
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    Cuomo resigns. (Merged)

    Can MS Ho-ckle win an election or even hold her own in a primary?
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    Next week's front yard view...

    Here's a hint to my location...
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    Next week's front yard view...

    I wish!!! That place could suit me for the rest of my days!!!
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    Next week's front yard view...

    5 days away! I can't wait! A special salute to any one who can find me! Just don't sneek up from behind!
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    Saiga 7.62x39 rifle price?

    Holy price hike Batman!!! I think I paid sub $500 for mine 5 or 6 years ago, but then it went through a slight transformation. I'm not sure what it would be worth today! It is yet another of my "Texas Toys". My son has more fun with it than I!
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    Oneida LTD / Community

    I've got a 16" Oneida Limited Bayonet for my Garand that my son found in a repo'ed house he was helping to clear out. I've been in the Oneida area most of my life and can remember the traffic coming out of Sherrill when the 3 o'clock whistle would blow at Oneida Limited. They had their own...
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    The jumping earth worms

    Finally...the perfect bat for Asian Carp!!!
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    Black bear vs wild boar

    Most fun I have ever had hunting! The first one might have made for a formidable opponent to that bear! But was no match for 2 simultaneous 7.62 x39 rounds at about 80 yards.
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    PBS, Vanessa Williams spark backlash over ‘black national anthem

    Is this the same V.W. who was featured in a lesbian photo spread in Penthouse mag some decades ago? Don't ask me how I know this! If I'm not mistaken...she was forced to relinquish her Miss America Title.