I am an avid lifelong shooter and firearms advocate. In 1974, for my 14th birthday, I received an H&R single shot 20 gauge shotgun, a box of shells and was left to my own devices. I've always lived here in a (very) rural county and was self-taught woodsmanship and marksmanship in the northern New York woods, fields and School of Hard Knocks. Rule Number One: make your first shot count.I used to love small game hunting (taught me most of what I know) but as I've aged it's more difficult to bust the brush after grouse and rabbits all day. My fave discipline is rifle shooting, particularly bolt-actions, but I also love my 7600. I have three favorite calibers, .243 Win, 7mm-08 Rem and 30/06 Sprg. I spend almost every day of Southern Zone Regular Season in the woods deer hunting. Let's just say, I don't give up easy, and sooner or later I usually end up bringing home some venison. My heroes are Jack O'Connor and Johnny Unitas.
Oswego County, NY




Ask no quarter, and give none.


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