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    No more Ammo and Guns at Gander Outdoors

    Have you tried Runnings?
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    Teen recovering from gunshot wound almost shot again on Monday

    Jateek and Rashawn arrested for parole violation and illegal possession eh?....Whose surprised?
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    DONE Wedding Dress

    C'mon man...someone needs snow camo for coyote season.
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    Ammunition found locally today

    My understanding is that the local department manager ( @ Walmart) can stock what they feel fits their location. If they dont think an item will sell well they do not have to put it on their shelves. If they are anti gun, they can choose not to offer as many items in that category.
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    Gun Humor thread

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    Second time Monticello man shot in three months

    Man, that guy can't catch a break! I'm assuming that he was on his way to a bible study meeting where he reads scripture to blind, homeless , minority, gender confused, substance abuse victims.
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    410 ammo

    According to Google its the same. It says 36 gauge is a European designation for .410 .
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    Police take several ‘ghost guns’ out of Binghamton residence

    A 458 cal AR? Not what I would expect your average low life 'banger to use.
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    Taurus TX22 - the stories are true (it's great)

    Th TX22 is on my short list. I have a SW22 Victory but want something lighter.
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

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    Who here is brave enough to buy this?

    Not sold but they ended the auction.
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    Who here is brave enough to buy this? Its on Ebay under paintball. Is it airsoft?
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    F/S Larger lathe and 14k lb trailer

    The trailer is a PJ brand made in Nov 2011. We haul a back hoe with it and building materials. It has not been used commercially , just for our shop use. 2 5/15" ball hitch. $3200 We'd let the lathe go for $1000 . Located a few minutes from the Central Square exit of 81.
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    F/S Larger lathe and 14k lb trailer

    We're just north of Syracuse off of Rte 81 and I'll get pricing shortly. I have more pics as well.