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    If Biden’s Senile Like They Say, Then Why’s He Running Circles Around the Right? Are they NUTS!!!!!!

    Is that joe's Chinese handler walking behind him on the way to the stairs?
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    FREE PAY IT FORWARD thread 2021 Version

    I 'll request this if still available. Looks like it will fit my SR40.
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    WTB 280 Rem or 22-250 brass

    280 is also referred to as 7mm-06 Remington and 7mm Express Remington for those who are not aware.
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    Auto Key Card Raided .. what is a auto key card .. pew pew pew pew drawing on metal ..

    Reading the comments, it is not a "simple" drop in piece of tin. You must use a specific Colt bolt carrier, have a low shelf receiver, be able to time your rifle among other things. That's not to say it is impossible, but not do-able by the average guy with a PSA kit or Windham rifle.
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    Canada's overly comprehensive "gun control" bill would ban airsoft

    It also affects paintball . There are Canadiens on some of my PB forums and they're posting petitions on the law.
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    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    That's how I got my first one. Bought it over the phone from a dealer in another county, sent payment, he emailed a receipt. FFL held it till my permit was approved. Went to Sheriff's office to pick up permit, added purchase, drove to FFL, gave him my coupon, ran NICS, left with purchase.
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    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    just to clarify, are we talking about the state eliminating the automatic NICS approval after 3 days vs an actual waiting period / cool down period to pick up your purchase? I take it that it is the NICS thing. This is on top of the amendment waiting period that some counties suffer. In...
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    22LR and Large capacity Mags

    You are correct , sir. One stipulation is that the magazines cannot be located, stored or used in the state of NY , NJ ( 15 rd limit), CA, and other freedom hating areas.
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    Gun Humor thread

    It makes them look bad and goes against their agenda.
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    Nevada governor proposes giving tech firms power to govern

    Reminds of most of the dystopian movies of the 80's and 90's.
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    “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” Passes.

    Did they name an aircraft carrier in his honor?
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    Reflective tape on pistol slides to know "good" guy from active shooter?

    Was just reading an article where they were talking about why plainclothes officers had reflective tape on their Glocks during the party in Washington on 06 Jan. Was linked to their site from the SW22 forum...
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    Pistol permit renewal is a PIA

    I just looked via the NYSP website and mine has been recertified. I was a year late. The next recertification will be due based on the date that they received my paperwork and not the date my permit was issued.
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    WTB LEE 4 hole turrets

    The Classic series is also available in a 3 hole turret as I have one. Lee makes a 5 hole turret as well.
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    He probably had mike sucker punch the alleged guy.