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    NRA files Bankruptcy

    Bad news. It undermines the fight to protect the 2A. They're political, ineffective, and wasteful - and are also the biggest and most well recognized organization in the country for gun rights and advocacy. The Liberals who want YOU to give up all your guns - ALL OF THEM, not just scary black...
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    Cuomo Issues Lockdown Orders on Private Homes Just Before Thanksgiving

    We had 14. Our neighbor - whose brother is a State Police Officer, had at least 18. Funny, none of Cuomo's loyal jack-booted thugs managed to break things up. Maybe they were in the next town over? Or maybe the douchebag should not make unenforceable mandates based on flawed logic.
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    Dick’s Sporting Goods Dumps Gun Sales At 440 More Stores

    What they are doing is becoming Sports Authority. With zero firearms sales, they are completely losing a profitable segment, and archers and fishermen are going to lose interest as well. With good reason, their offerings are basic and geared towards recreation only. Their air gun selection is...
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    A Message From An ANTIFA Member

    Hmm, so I chose to join the Navy since college wasn't a real option (finances, not knowing the process, not knowing what I wanted to do anyways), I had to work my way from the bottom during my career path, I never have received a single government check from a benefit that I didn't already have...
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    Man charges police, is shot dead in front of motorists

    Offhand, I can think of 9 different police shootings where a Taser - several times deployed 2 or 3 times, was ineffective. They are proven to be less than reliable. Once that fails to work, I doubt that the next thought is going to be - what if I shoot a bean bag at them or call the FD and get...
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    New York man arrested for stolen gun in Southeast

    So much ignorance in such a short statement. First - the gun was stolen property. Second, the person called attention to themselves while in possession of stolen property and gave police justifiable cause to search the vehicle. Third - whether or not you agree with NYS laws, they are still on...
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    With NY trying its hardest to make every gun illegal, Airguns are looking pretty nice these days.

    If you want to go the pump route, and avoid the in-line cooling that the Yong Heng requires - go to Amazon and paste " 12V portable pcp air compressor with transformer I purchased one about a month ago and so far it has worked perfectly. It is an unbranded Hatsan Spark and has worked pretty...
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    How much ammo do you keep on stock just incase?

    Somewhere between hmmmm... and doh! Didn't think of an invasion of crazy Canucks though, so I may have to consider going to Whoa dude status.
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    Free AMMO...40 rounds of 5.45x39

    Four NYS compliant magazines full!
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    With NY trying its hardest to make every gun illegal, Airguns are looking pretty nice these days.

    Well, so far no one here seems to be an expert. I bought my Hatsan based on reviews, both customer and airgunner Youtube channels. The Flash was declared the best for the money in it's price range, and I didn't see any negative comments. The Diana you found seems to be a solid, entry level...
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    How to Prepare for a Communist Coup

    Yes - it's all too apparent. The human race is violent. It's been violent for ten thousand years. Our combined history is one of war. You'd think that after so many years we might actually be intelligent and informed enough to see through the posturing to the heart of the power grab that is...
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    How to Prepare for a Communist Coup

    Holy Sheep Sh*t people. City and State Governments are allowing, enabling, and condoning violent riots. Countless State & Federal "representatives" are advocating for forcibly taking your rights, restricting your actions and movement, passing "aid" bills which take ever more of your earned...
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    Fiocchi USA Opening New Facility in Little Rock, AR

    And it's not going to be built here in the gun and business friendly haven of NYS? I'm shocked - shocked I tell you! It's almost like we have a corrupt thug dictator as a Governor.
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    5 Things Latecomers to Prepping Need to DO NOW!

    We do what we can. Started doing some prepping over ten years ago and we've got a decent amount of the critical items, but like many - we have water barrels and a couple of WaterBob's which are not portable. Our biggest problem is living in the city, but honestly, "The City" in Oneida County...
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    With NY trying its hardest to make every gun illegal, Airguns are looking pretty nice these days.

    Was hoping to see a thread like this come up. I just picked up a Hatsan Flash with the real wood stock in .22. I've only put a few shots through it and already absolutely love it. The Flash comes with 12 round rotary magazines and has their QE (Quiet Energy) barrel. It's quiet, powerful, and...