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    NY's (Hochuls) Vindictive Plans - special session next week to respond to SCOTUS's ruling.

    We're not that lucky. She was born with a golden horseshoe up her ass. She has done nothing to deserve her good fortunes, and been installed as a Congressman, then she got installed as Governor. She has managed to position herself at the right place and time to reap rewards that she hasn't...
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    30 cal 220gr HPBT bullets viable for .308?

    220's will stabilize in a 1-9" twist barrel. I haven't tried them in the more common 1-10" barrels, but i wouldn't hesitate to try them.
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    Targeted Home Invasion’: Homeowner Armed with Handgun Shoots and Kills Two Teenagers During Attack

    And the invaders would sue his estate for the cuts received when breaking the glass to get in. And the trauma caused to them by having to fight him.
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    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case Supreme Court case and decision

    You could have gone to your issuing authority yesterday or for that matter, a month ago to ask them to remove administrative restrictions. Did you ever bother to try ?
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    What's in your hunting bag ?

    I was hanging out in the garage this evening, just doing a few things to my motorcycle, and my friend stopped by to drop off a few things he wanted me to store for him while he moves. Somehow we got talking about the get-home bag I keep in my truck, and what's in that. That of course led to...
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    Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund Endorses Kathy Hochul for Governor, Antonio Delgado for Lieutenant Governor, Letitia James for Attorney General

    You and me both. I would never have believed it if I didn't read it here.
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    NY State farm directory survey Every farm in NY State required to respond...

    Do you know just how many of those farms have a backhoe ? I would think messing around with them would be a bad idea. You might never be seen again.
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    Whopper Plopper (top water lure)

    I can honestly say I haven't eaten a single thing from Burger King in over 20 years. I don't visit McDonaldsmore than a few times a year, and only then for a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. Those are delicious, but that's the only thing I ever go there for. Wendy's only very rarely gets my...
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    Trail cam pics

    Three fawns relaxing in my back yard. Then the same fawns and a bunny as seen through my thermal scope.
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    Whopper Plopper (top water lure)

    I thought this thread was going to be about having the shits after eating at Burger King. Silly me.
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    Shooting at Texas elementary school

    Admittedly, it's been more than a few years since I was in school, but I remember the classroom doors having locks on them but they were keyed on both sides so that the teacher could not get locked out by some kid.
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    Shooting at Texas elementary school

    This whole event just keeps getting worse, and every time som new bit of information surfaces, the more it looks like the government had something to do with it from the beginning. Conspiracy theory ? Perhaps, but wow, there sure are a whole bunch of coincidences.
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    Falmouth residents oppose AR-15 deal between police and gun store

    Wow ! 300 signatures in 10 days ! I think I could get 300 signatures to ban girl scout cookies in 10 days ! If her comittee is so passionate about destroying them, why don't they pool their money and buy them from the dealer then destroy them ? If there are 300 people and only 20 guns...
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    Let's see your reloading room! (Pics only please!)

    How do you like that Dillon swage tool ?
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    California ... Mandatory Firearm Liability Insurance To Own Guns Introduced!

    Precisely why the rightful owners of the guns that the criminals stole and are shooting people with should be liable !