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    Southern Tier LGS?

    I've only been to lock and load once. I'll have to try bens someday.
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    Southern Tier LGS?

    Perfect goof discussion to bring back up. I can't remember his name, but there's there's guy who does transfers in his basement in vestal.
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    Anyone stocking up more and more??

    I've had great luck freezing certain types. I just pulled a frozen seed stash that was 10 years old. Had 99% germination rate.
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    Anyone stocking up more and more??

    Zombies violate the second law of thermodynamics. They are a scientific impossibility. The fucktard apocalypse started in the 60s though.
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    Anyone stocking up more and more??

    Who to say if there's. No laws I won't be up on my roof, drinking a handle of vodka, shooting at birds across the highway? The human mind is programmed to seek pleasure. This isn't aimed at anyone in particular, but I often See "preppers" doing mental gymnastics to prove they are superior to...
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    Anyone stocking up more and more??

    I've always told my friends that people aren't stupid, and they will notice that you are well fed, have solar, and gasoline. They will come. I recommend night vision, dogs, and body armor. Of course no one mentions here that surviving In a nasty, cold, smelly, painful world may not even be...
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    Ammunition found locally today

    About $13-$14/box for .223 fmj stuff.
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    hunter orange.

    It's drawing the ire because its required. Like I will wear my seat belt becuase I'm a logical person, yet it irks me that the "better thans" require me to wear them or else men in informs will come fine me, or worse. It's the whole "if it pleases the crown" paradigm. Yet it does not shock...
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    I miss gun shopping.

    I've been buying tools, both mechanics and wood working.
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    Cuomo declares NY state of emergency to address surge in gun violence.

    We will probably get the even safer act.
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    Spikes new lower design samurai

    I don't mean to rain on peoples parades, but I find this kinda of stuff to totally not be my style. I like a plain lower with nothing on it but a serial number.
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Not much gun related lately. Kinda over it. No ammo on the shelves, no guns I want. I wanted a new .30-30 and .270 before all this crap. Nope, I buy tools for now.
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    My dad checking out my "new" tool chest.
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    Mini-14 Mags stored for over a year

    I personally am inclined to think that mini-14 mags just aren't up to the same standards that glock, ak, and ar mags are. Testing will see.