1. Ny1969

    Small game recipes

    Has anyone tried squirrel meat and if so what are some good recipes for small game? Any tips or tricks ? Thanks
  2. meketrefe

    F/S 12ga Over & Under Shotgun - Trap/Skeet/Hunting - Lanber Sporting

    For sale my wife's Skeet gun. Got her for our 15th anniversary and only have like maybe 100 shells through it. Basically like new. I talked to her and decided on a spa getaway and also we can use the room in the safe for something I will actually use. This is a lanber made in Spain by the...
  3. NirvanaFan

    Where to buy 308 nosler partition in Rochester

    Has anybody bought 308 nosler partition or accubond rounds in or around Rochester? I'm not set up for reloading, so they have to be assembled rounds. I know buying/selling homemade ammo is against the law, but I'd pay for the time and supplies on your press if no shop sells them locally. Any...