pistol training

  1. Nicys Firearm Instruction

    Introduction to Defensive Pistol

    *Introduction to Defensive Pistol - Sunday 05/17/2020, 9am to 3pm - Dutchess Co.* (this is a beginner to intermediate level class)
  2. Nicys Firearm Instruction

    Nicys Firearms Instruction

    About our Company: “Nicys Firearms Instruction” offers performance-based training and is dedicated to make you a better shooter. Whether you are looking to improve your skills with a pistol, rifle or shotgun, obtain your NYS pistol license, learn about NYS laws or be better prepared to...
  3. Nicys Firearm Instruction

    Defensive Pistol Class - Cortlandt Manor

    *When: Saturday May 19th from 10 am to 3:30 pm *Where: Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 *Fee: $50.00 deposit due at registration *Main Requirement: Good muzzle management and trigger discipline. *Short Description: Unlike most "objective-based" programs, ours is "performance-based". You'll be...