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    F/S 38 Special , 380 & 3.5" Buckshot ammo lot. $110 shipped

    Bump.. $110 shipped.
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    Ithaca deerslayer value?

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    Ithaca deerslayer value?

    Under serial# 855,000, (1963) barrels are fit to the receiver and not interchangeable like modern shotguns. A turn off if the buyer wanted to have a bird, slug & trap/skeet barrels. Just FYI.
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    More from the nanny state, bicycle safety included now to get a driving license

    While doing driver training with my 16 year old daughter , we were on a local straight-away that was slightly uphill. As she crested the hill, there was a lone bicyclist in the middle of our lane, happily peddling like 10 mph in a 50 mph zone. Daughter instinctively swerved to avoid him, in...
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Nice Model 12 Winchester. Inherited my Dad's, who bought it in a Yonkers pawn shop after he got back from Korea in 1953.
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    F/S Various 22Lr ammo

    Pm sent
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    F/S 38 Special , 380 & 3.5" Buckshot ammo lot. $110 shipped

    Purging some quality ammo I'll never use. All factory, in great shape with no reloads, or monkey business. $110 shipped to lower 48/where legal. Copy of Drivers license needed, please. Discreet Paypal F&F or US Postal Money Order. 1) Federal Premium NYCLAD 158 +P full box or 50 2)...
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    Vote for Astorino in the GOP primary

    Rob was our Westchester county exec for many years. Repub in a nest of Democrats, and he handled himself very well. He's a solid guy and the clear choice.
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    Residents in the Twin Tiers are seeking protection after recent mass shootings

    Nice assumption by the Chief LEO....smh
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    Striper season

    My buddy and his son crushing them right now off Sandy Hook, NJ, Hopefully these fish come north, into the LI sound in number, like they used to.
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    DONE 420 rds of Remington 5mm Magnum Rimfire ammo, 30gr. JHP. $250 shipped

    *****OFF TO GUNBROKER>>>>>NO LONGER AVAILABLE HERE****** Two lots here. 420 rounds total. Both recent 30 grain JHP Centurian Ammo, and very accurate. Sold the rifle now this must go. $245 shipped to lower 48 states. FTF $230. PayPal F&F or USPMO. Or will swap for fair quantity of Rem...
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    Striper season

    Never fished the Hudson for stripers. (Always wanted to though).... Im no biologist, but it seems like the fish never came into mahattan/east river and went in the sound, out to Montauk, in the numbers they used to. Caught some schoolies, but 4 or 5 years ago you'd see Blitzes blowing up...
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    Striper season

    Have a boat in Port Chester and the last three or four years have been horrible for stripers & Blues. No fish around and when they are its sporadic. Not like a few years ago for sure. Plenty of bunker, though, but no big fish chasing them.
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    F/S FS: USGI M1 & M2 Helmet covers. $13 each shipped. Brand new. Pics

    Bought a good size box of these, from a surplus sale and they are brand new condition, freshly removed from Govt packaging. USGI M1 and M2 Helmet covers w/foliage buttonholes. Made by the F/T Blind Inc. , and so marked. Blowing these out for $13 EACH, shipped (1st class envelope) to anywhere in...
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    FREE PAY IT FORWARD thread 2021 Version

    OK, here's another PIF item. Free for the taking & Ill pay 1st Class shipping. Vietnam-era Trigger finger gloves. No liners, and Size Medium. These were my Father in Laws and they are nice. All leather is supple and soft, with the exception of the trigger fingers. They are curved in and...