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    Pelosi Threatens to use 25th Amendment to remove Trump

    They have spent alot of "time" on this..........even when other tatics failed they are still on it.
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    Meanwhile in Canada (No ammo shortage there?)

    Now thas how I want my safe to look.....NICE...
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    Pelosi Threatens to use 25th Amendment to remove Trump

    so she wants to invoke the 25th....turn Pence into the "president" tell Hillary that Pence has dirt on her and she will find him committing Suicide (the clinton way) then the Spkr of the house can slide into the presidency.... Ahhhhhh NO!!!!
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    Palmetto State caves....

    but my daughters drivers i thought about that....she bought me a gift. I dont think that would be considered a straw purchase?! let me know if Im wrong with that line of thinking?!
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    Palmetto State caves....

    thats true...dabble in building one true...but I was thinking something all ready to go bang in .223 but my own....
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    Palmetto State caves....

    Im glad I that now my daughter lives in S.C. someday when I go down to visit "something" may "Follow" me back and hide in my safe?!
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    Kamala Harris’ Stance On Guns

    Wow I could not have guessed that...she's not a fan...hmmm unless protecting her a$$ from all you gun toting crazies!!!!
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    muzzle loader supplies

    Robin PM Sent
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    muzzle loader supplies

    Got myself a NEF Hunstman .50cal muzzle loader last year in right after the season ended...this year need to get it out and in doing so realized I need Supplies? Whats a good local GS in Roch or finger lakes to get stuff. I need/take 209 Primers and triple 7 Powder pellets...I see runnings may...
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    Pennsylvania non-resident

    Hmmm I will have to watch for this when mine is up for renewal I remember back when I went and got my first / initial license..... I was there 10-15 min and walked out with a license.... drivo problem......but may be getting tougher to find one that does.....Thanks for info...
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    Ruger Buys Marlin and Vista Outdoors buy Rem's Ammunition Biz - Remmy being picked apart

    Ruger Buys Marlin for 30 mil Vista Outdoor Group Too bad to see it being spun off...
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    PA Superior Court Decision: Gustafson v. Springfield Armory

    what??? sue the kid that pulled the trigger!! Gun didnt do it.... the person behind the dont sue stanley when the hole up dug was in the wrong spot?!?!?!?!
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    Rochester NY - Great Car Sticker

    saw lettering on a cars back end this weekend .... Brother may have picture of it...hope saw...out riding our motocycles throught charlotte city area and had to turn around on a side street...saw a hybrid/Electric car...cant remember the make but had lettering on the back: NOT A LIBERAL ...