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    Man claims he was paid $21,000 for 3D-printed guns at New York AG's buyback event in Utica

    Hmmm and think of the guns you can buy with the $21k !!! nice.......Gotta fire up that 3d im motivated to fix that nozzle issue.......
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    Thousands of Guns and Parts Were Stolen From ATF where did those go...they were here a minute ago?! let me see......... They were gonna be destroyed anyways......
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    Andrew Cuomo’s stunning, remorseless return to public life after sex scandal

    Cuomo also said he was “starting a political action committee to elect the right people to office,” without naming any names but promising they’d be “people who have the character and the capacity to stand up and lead and take the heat that goes with leadership.” and HE knows Good morals and...
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    Anyone get a DMP yet?

    I had that too.....did my renewal online and could not order dmps....went to to local wally world and bought em....they were able to pull up license in system and see I had one but didnt come in mail yet to were able to get my 2 dmps............ The website wasnt working right for DMPS this year...
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    WTT Remington 1187

    Sorry not that I would want to part with........ Good Luck
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    WTT Remington 1187

    I have something I would offer up for semi auto 12 guage...been looking for one lately? let me know if any interest.. not mentioned in what your looking for but never know.......... Im even passing through that area sorta...
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    California Gov. Newsom signs bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a state ID

    First off they are Illegally here so how can you allow them to get an ID and then to VOTE in our elections. IM all for people coming but do it right!! jumping a river.....send them right back over...I dont kow why they do.....get out of water say here you go we will take you somewhere get...
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    My cases came ok....gave seller a good rating...5 star.......!!!!!! VERY GOOD WILL BUY AGAIN. I ordered 1 more case this am?! Does this mean I may not get it?! DAMN!!!
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    Lionheart regulus handgun

    I just meant that as far as prevously being South Korean...didnt watch long enough for the Agreed...neat looking gun.
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    Lionheart regulus handgun

    like the kia or Hyundai of guns.......Hmmmmm
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    The Gun Show thread

    Yeah it was definately a bit slower at the dome this year. the Larger ammo guy was selling alot of ammo. saw a guy buying like 3 cases of something!!!!! I DID NOT LIKE giving my DL and Personal Info though!!!!! I found some of the 30-30 I was looking for but was not paying 60 bucks a box...I...
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    F/S Rem 770 RH .308 Bolt action rifle

    Sold as package deal will not seperate or sell ammo individually.
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    Did I mess up my bore? Jb weld story

    Does a visual inspection of the bore show you did get it all? I would think if your sure you got it all you should be good. Scary I Know!!!!!
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    F/S Rem 770 RH .308 Bolt action rifle

    Price Drop to $350.00 / entertaining offers and trades as well? would love a semi auto 12G.......
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    What is your dumbest or most useless firearm related purchase?

    when I first got my permit I bought a couple Colt Derringer 22 shorts.....sequential serial number...ooooh big the safe they sit... I should get rid of this point. IN my newbie status I thought they were dueling pistols at the time...........