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    You know you have too many guns when…

    Im with Robin...not about to quite yet...not there.....
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    Assault weapon and large cache of ammunition seized from Fishkill man

    he probably had a motorcycle helmet and fishing I guess I may be next...I have a "high capicity helmets" cuz I have 3????? and high capacity vests 2 huniting and 1 fishing..... and I box of buckshot...IM NEXT!!!!!
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    You know you have too many guns when…

    your mattress is getting "lumpy" from all the guns under the mattress???!!!!!
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    Use of deadly force laws?

    Thank you the clarification Toecutter..... Still I dont want the liability that attached to that bullet. I will just have to do without the stuff stolen or not rich to defend it..\!!! Just my opinion
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    Use of deadly force laws?

    Plus its my understanding NY is also a Duty to retreat state has no real castle donctrine. still the case and how does all that play into self defense. do you sorta have to prove that you didnt have a way out of your situation either?? I just understood NY to be Duty to retreat and yes only...
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    Gun Humor thread

    What?! who doesnt have this...and WHO says I cant have this.... give me a welder some tubing and wala......passing lane clearance device.....
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    ATF has a new regulation per an alert from the Firing Pin in Bergen NY

    Just another hoop to jump through...None of my ID have my full middle now I need to get a new DL or something or other to buy any smile devices that go bang....Goodness!!!!! wait my PA permit has my middle name spelled out.....Either way.....just another hoop and bull.... I use...
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    Ruger has office in Fairport NY?????

    I saw the linkdin thing too...but its listed as a FFL on a couple off FFL sites I noticed though too?? Hmmm I saw a phone number I may just have to call and see what they are or do? hehehe Curious...indeed
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    Ruger has office in Fairport NY?????

    I saw a post about jobs at Ruger and I see on their map they have a faiport location jobs there but what does that facility do...admin offices....weird. It looks like maybe a dealer sales location?? didnt know this?? Hmmmm VERY curious as I love RUGERS...
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    A hunting truism!

    I dont know how many times I remember as a new hunter hearing them and getting ready...a deer a comin' any minute......what a squirrel?? how the hell?? I thought for sure the buck of the century!!! with that sound.
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    WATCH: Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin says US doesn't 'have the capability' to get all Americans out of Afghanistan

    They cannnot go in there as they left all there stuff and no more high tech jets or humvees left to go in there to get our citizens. now the talliban has it. they need to go in there and blow all our shit up so they dont get there hands on our tech....after they get our people out!!!!
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    Cuomo uses final days to pardon 10 Felons

    NY--- TOUGH ON CRIME.....yeah right......many with weapons that NYS act working for ya......Just the law abiding adhere to it!!!!!!
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    Car tax and mileage tax huh??

    daughter in SC now and we are following in a couple inspection there which is cool. I hate getting cars inspected.......
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    Car tax and mileage tax huh??

    Just reverse the mileage..the Ferris Bueller way!!! prop up ass end and put in reverse!!!!!! hahahaha
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    Car tax and mileage tax huh??

    Great so I for instance would be penalized cuz I (have) to work 1 hr away from my house as it was the place I got hired when thre was nothing available in my area at the time 6 years ago...HJEEZ. My insurance company already tries to nail me for it by requesting my mileage each year...I dont...