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    I hear more and more of the BLM protests are coming to the suburbs

    Come on out to "the burbs". You'll find things are a bit different out here. I promise you you'll find it not to your liking.
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    Starting a "What did you Get today" thread. Let's give it a try (dont forget pics)

    Try Butch's Bore Shine after Hoppe's. See what you get.
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    San Francisco Sen. Scott Wiener Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Men Having Sex With Boys

    I'd expect nothing less from California. 10 years ago this would've surprised me.
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    AR 15

    Theres more than a presidential change to be concerned about.
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    Kamala Harris - Biden's Choice for VP (merged threads)

    Skin color is all that matters. Oh, the irony.
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    Fiend (F I E N D as in freaking monster) who raped, murdered two Westchester moms as kids listened is being freed

    Rapist murderers go free while politicians suggest people be charged with attempted murder for not wearing a mask.
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    Hunter Biden has 450 k tax lien resolved in 5 days

    Perhaps he used his superior intellect and outsmarted them.....
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    Black Lives Matter: Looting in Chicago is reparations

    So it's been decided that reparations are due. Only question now is, how much?
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    Finally got my Kimber

    Disgustingly nice choice!
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    Trump taken away by Secret Service.

    Would like to have seen him reach for the 4 o'clock hip.
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    New hair washing salon law has to take the stupid cake in nys

    The never ending goal of forcing everyone and everything out of the state. I give them credit. They seem to have that down to a science.
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    Teens arrested after hopping wall at Mar-a-Lago with loaded AK-47 in backpack

    Maybe they haven't heard......Trump moved a couple years ago.
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    Gov. Cuomo takes over governors group as virus batters states

    Yeah, Cuomo is the authority on COVID for sure. He must've gotten tired of sucking dicks in NY so he needed a little changeup.
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    Feds find sophisticated tunnel from Mexico to USA

    Open borders would negate the need for tunnels.