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    Biden admin. wants Americans to report ‘radicalized friends, family, coworkers’ to gov’t

    I'd like to report the entire DNC!! They are radicalized, mentally unstable fucktards of epic proportions!
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    Biden remarks on gun control (merged threads)

    Did Biden just threaten to use the military against the people? I believe he did. This isn't the first time the anti-American democraps have done so!! Biden says Americans CAN'T take on the GOVERNMENT without F15's and nukes!! Challenge accepted motherfucker!! The US military has NEVER won...
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    F/S Parker Shooting Star Target Bow

    Parker Shooting Star Bow. Right hand, 29/70. Setup, shot 10 times and put away in the collection. Time to thin the herd. Excellent condition and fairly rare bow. $150 FTF or $170TYD.
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    Black Lives Matter activist shot in head

    Finally ... some good news!
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    NRA declines to file brief in Supreme Court Second Amendment case

    Fuck the NRA and Tom King!! Both are fucking useless and in it for the money!!
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    Fight the ATF and help keep pistol braces

    The BATFE and ALL govt agencies are unconstitutional. They need to be removed but hey ... who the fuck gives a shit about the Constitution and the boundaries that the govt is SUPPOSE to stay within? To hell with the 2A if all other parts are being ignored. That's the fact of the matter. Noone is...
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    Get ready for a full scale Democrat Civil War

    I know what I believe!! I believe it's time to pen a NEW declaration of independence from this state AND federal govt and let the chips fall where they may!!!
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    Gun Manufacturer liability bill

    Since the asshole, useless fucktard democraps passed the law allowing the seller, manufacturer and anyone else to be sued and held accountable for damages and death as a result of the natives shooting each other up, distributors and manufacturers have stated NO MORE GUNS WILL BE SOLD TO NY!! Get...
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    Mom in Carmel NY fights back against teaching critical race theory as board tries to tone police her

    WHOA!!!! She's EXACTLY ,what we the people SHOULD be at EVERY BOE Meeting!!!
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    WTB Savage Mk.II FV/.22 Target Rifle

    Just over $400. I bought two from there 2 years ago. Very accurate rifles.
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    Package Of Gun Reform Bills Passes NY Senate (merged with Assembly thread)

    I know .. last time I used it, it was deemed a weapon of mass destruction and I got a fuck trophy for it!! (kid)
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    Package Of Gun Reform Bills Passes NY Senate (merged with Assembly thread)

    Really? How's federal immigration laws working out? NY and kalifornia REFUSE to follow ANY federal laws OR rulings. NY is pure shit and should be wiped off the fucking map by our military. Oh ... nevermind ... our military is too busy getting fucking sex changes and learning how to be social...
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    I need a crossbow. I know near nothing of them.

    That is not made by Barnett. Merely marketed by them as do some other companies. To figure out if your Barnett xbow is a problem waiting to happen, look where the string is when it is cocked in relation to the nock of the bolt. If it's sitting lower than the nock, it has the potential to be a...