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    Why does no one actually read the Second Amendment ?

    Major problem today, people read in today's English and context. 1700 English is almost a foreign language. If people took the time to actually uderstand what was said maybe they'd get it.
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    Anyone get a DMP yet?

    The website sucks, finally was able under the tab on top. Only been couple days, not here yet
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    Mar-a-Lago just raided by FBI

    Bet a dollar, He's silent because he was in on it.
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    Things are heating up in the Donbass

    How long before zelensky disappears with the money he's stolen ?
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    Leaked video shows Starbucks CEO is closing stores due to liberal policies

    Actually yes, I do blame them. When an idiot uses his brand and money to push the agenda that caused this, absolutely should be ridiculed
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    Used Car Repossession Rates Double for Both Sub-Prime and Prime Borrowers, Indicates Trouble on Main Street

    Dealers know that and depend on it . Every time I ever went to a dealer, lease or buy, they only want to talk payment not total cost
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    NY's Vindictive Plans for carry - special session next week to respond to SCOTUS's ruling. (Merged)

    My guess is that they like it, seeing as they told their two lawyers after winning the case to to drop the client or leave, the lawyers left the firm
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    Anyone with vortex crossbow scope 2-7x experience?

    search on crossbow nation forum, you can find explanations. vortex and similar scopes adjusting the power changes appearance of the reticle giving an "adjustment" to bow speed, FFP vs SFP. It will get you a usable compromise, But you are stuck using that magnification. Most i've read, vortex has...
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    Have a Barnett ts380 so far so good. Check out crossbow Nation
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    Lets Talk about Phone Privacy

    With everyone having cell, how long before no more land line ?
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    Twitter sale to Musk?

    Baa Baa Baa