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    Syracuse Gun Show this weekend Sept. 18-19

    $15 for 100. Louis GS in the back annex.
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    2021 Syracuse Gun Show, day 1

    I just got back from the Syracuse show. In my 30+ years of attending the show I have NEVER seen the lines so long. A huge crowd. Not too crowded inside but really long lines to get in. Lots of happy dealers I reckon.
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    Syracuse Gun Show this weekend Sept. 18-19

    Finally back! I'll be there both days.
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    Did NY ever make Body Armour, BP vests illegal?

    Good, since body armor is strictly for personal defense and cannot be used offensively.
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    Greetings from WNY

    Hello from Getzville (Amherst) in Erie County.
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    Hello from Long Island

    Greetings from the opposite end of the state.
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    Cuomo pardons San Fran Da’s murdering father.

    He was not pardoned. He was made eligible for parole. Not the same.
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    Loading for Black Powder

    110 grains for a .45 caliber bullet weighing 225 grains? I would cut that powder charge in half.
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    Buffalo May Byron Brown gets support from Republicans.

    Byron Brown pushed through an unpopular money grabbing law involving speed cameras in school zones. I think this really hurt him.
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    Wolcott gun range, no friend to the 2nd

    Wolcott's website says they are now open for those shooters who were members before the pandemic. They will be open to the public mid August.
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    Are Thunderbolts still ThunderDUDS?

    During this shortage I've had to buy .22 ammo wherever I could find it. This includes some brands that I had quit years ago. Case in point: Remington Thunderbolt .22LR. I picked up a brick of these "Thunderduds" last month. I gotta say, guys, I was surprised. I'm halfway through the brick...
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    Wolcott gun range, no friend to the 2nd

    I like the range, it's the closest indoor range to me now that Niagara Gun Range is closed, but I am disturbed that it hasn't reopened to the public.
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    Scope for a 10/22??

    ∆∆∆ I would take Tisto up on his offer. Bushnell Banner scopes are great for .22 rifles.
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    Freedom man arrested after altercation

    Freedom NH does exist. About 1500 year round residents. I've spent many summers near there.
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    Faraday Box

    Plenty of low-cost Faraday pouches available on the big online auction sites. No need to build your own IMO.