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    SHTF Communications

    I have and use an Icom IC-7300 and a couple of ID-51A's. Both are decent radios for the money. I have yet to use DSTAR on HF, but it's an interesting mode on VHF/UHF. Locally (middle Tennessee) folks don't use DSTAR or DMR, but rather Yaesu system fusion on VHF/UHF. So whatever digital mode...
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    Coronavirus could start to empty shelves in some U.S. stores by mid-April

    I suggest buying an extra pair or two of shoes, because the majority are produced overseas. There's already shortages of certain medications, and it ain't going to get better in the near future.
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    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    Kind of like what happened to Cuomo and his legislative lackies after the SAFE act was passed? I actually spoke with a NYS Trooper just after that amazing piece of legislative sleight of hand and mentioned that he should arrest Cuomo and put him on trial. He didn't say a word, I could see that...
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    1/20/20 Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally discussion (merged thread)

    Well it was a moral victory for those patriots that did indeed attend the festivities. It showed to the world that 2nd Amendment supporters do want a peaceful resolution to the political machinations of the Democrats. So, it was good PR. On the other hand, it was an intelligence trove...
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    Know anything about west virginia?

    My wife and I considered WV as a possible retirement location before we ultimately settled in Tennessee. We looked at some real estate in the Ripley and Spencer areas. The homes were priced very low, and the taxes were quite reasonable. However, I don't think there were level areas on any of...
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    Let’s talk PCC and sub guns!

    One subgun that hasn't been mentioned is the PAK-9, which is based upon the AK platform. Unfortunately, they won't meet the unSAFE criteria. I just acquired one and I hope to take it to the range later this week. They're very heavy, but solid and supposedly very reliable. Due to the weight...
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    Herr Cuomo Kicks Off New Year with New Ban On All Gun Parts

    You need to change your method of contact. Maybe to something more physical. I'm guessing that letters or internet messages don't attract their attention. A good tar and feathering, or a trial for treason might change their opinions, especially if a few were hung after a proper trial. I...
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    Another article about NYS losing population

    Count my wife and I as two of those 77,000 who left NY. We're so much happier in a location where the cost of living is much less, the taxes are lower, and conservative values are appreciated. Having a much shorter, milder winter and no Cuomo is a bonus.
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    Assembly Bill A8931: Put a GPS tracker in firearms

    I think a better law would be to put a GPS tracker on all politicians.
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    RADIOFLASH Official Trailer (EMP ) related.. Movie in theatre 15 November 2019.

    Jim Rawles from Survivalblog said it was a terrible movie too. He recommended another film called E.M.P. 333 Days.
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    The dumbest OpEd ever - in today’s NY Post. Baby killing AR-7 rifle?!?!

    I would love an AR-7 as a Christmas gift. The Henry AR-7's are reliable and fun. The anti's will be coming after BB guns next.
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    I believe most NYS pistol permits given are "possess on premises" is this correct?

    I had permits in two upstate counties and both were unrestricted. But then again, I've had permits for over 40 years.
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    Virginians Flock To Gun Stores After Election Day Losses

    A lot of folks are realizing that voting no longer matters. The bullet box may end up deciding their futures. As for 2020, there's no way to vote ourselves out of this mess.
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    NFA Gun Trust?

    I've set up a trust for a suppressor. I went through the Silencer Shop, which makes it very simple. Once the purchase of the silencer is approved by the BATF, additional people can be added to the trust. The trust paperwork that I purchased is for a one time, specific suppressor. It is...
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    Seeing a trend yet?

    The OP is a fucking fredo fudd troll. I've used a black rifle in a .308 flavor to take several whitetails, it works great. I'm voting with my feet. We move to our Tennessee home this weekend. I'll be ordering a couple of suppressors and a Steyr Aug next week. FUAC and his little brother...