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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Any idea where this came from? The idea is good.
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    Anyone with a Ruger MK I, II or III (Hammer Strut Support fix)

    I installed one and it works as advertised.
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    Of Pistol Caliber Lever Actions

    I have a Marlin 1894 FG, .41 magnum to go with my Blackhawk in the same caliber. I'd like to see Ruger make a 1894 in .327 magnum. I never shot one but looks like there'd be a lot of potential there. I had a Rossi 92 in .45 LC but it went to fund another project. Nice rifle though.
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    No imagination required, unfortunately.
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    Was Darwin a racist? Here we have a potential division champ!
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    Armored Vehicles Work

    Some of those armored cars are bullet proof from the inside too. Recall a new hire who racked the shotgun in the rear compartment and touched off a round into the roof. Kevlar panels are pretty good. The driver and I both wanted to shoot him at that point. "I didn't think it was loaded," he...
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    Anyone hunt with their handguns ?

    A Blackhawk in .41 magnum, 6 1/2 inch barell, is effective on deer inside 50 yards which is an average shot around here.
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    Real or fake? Seekins flintlock AR-15

    Funniest thing I've seen in a long time, but put out there on April 1st, and overpriced at $1776! The tactical lantern holder was a great idea though!
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    F/S Remington Model 14 w/ Weaver Scope

    Nice rifle, could you ship to a ffl?
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    WTB 375 Win ammo or Components

    Starline has brass for the .375 Win. most of the time, a fellow by the name of Les Vollmer makes good bullets, jacketed soft point type, advertises on gun broker usually. Hornady probably has dies. Reloader 7 is my personal standard but there's other good powders, all of which are hard to find...
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    Need help with info on shotgun

    If you need parts try E. J. Blackley, they specialize in English and European guns. Good people and a good line of products.
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    What Guns Are On Your Wish List

    Yes indeed, that's the one!
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    What Guns Are On Your Wish List

    I had two on the list, a Ferguson rifle, which I built last year, and a Johnson rifle, which I'll probably never find a a price I can afford.
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    Knife Sharpening

    I have one of those too and it's pretty good, but I am particular about sharp tools and admittedly like the hands on aspect, even though it's guided by the fixture. Backward evolution?