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    What Guns Are On Your Wish List

    Yes indeed, that's the one!
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    What Guns Are On Your Wish List

    I had two on the list, a Ferguson rifle, which I built last year, and a Johnson rifle, which I'll probably never find a a price I can afford.
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    Knife Sharpening

    I have one of those too and it's pretty good, but I am particular about sharp tools and admittedly like the hands on aspect, even though it's guided by the fixture. Backward evolution?
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    Knife Sharpening

    I just got mine delivered yesterday. I'm a long time Lansky user, this Worksharp tool blows my Lansky set away. The choice of angle adjustments alone is worth the money. They could, maybe, use a few more grits of sharpening stone, but the 320 and 600 grit diamond stones worked fine. And the...
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    Pelosi Reelected as House Speaker in Tight Vote

    Why am I not surprised?
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    Anybody ever buy anything on Guns international?

    In that case use a postal money order. I have bought off the site twice with no problem.
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    30 carbine questions

    There are 10 round magazines for the carbine and there are strpper clips too for reloading the magazines.
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    30 carbine questions

    The front sight is held on by a pin. Push the pin out, remove the sight, take off the front barrel band with bayonet lug, replace with repro type 1 band, found cheap on line, reset front sight. Under a hundred bucks total, not safe act controlled from that point on.
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    What is a good age to introduce Shooting Sports and Gun Appreciation to your children ?

    I started with a .22 at about 6 years old. Our kids started with bb guns at 5 and .22's at about 6 years old. They learned safety from the start and have not forgotten it.
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    Political Picture thread. (humor/memes/etc)

    Probably the only true thing he's mumbled in 40 years and everyone said " Oh that's just Joe."
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    Petition William Barr to demand States AUDIT THE VOTE!

    Signed it but have no confidence Barr will take any action.
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    Cuomo Issues Lockdown Orders on Private Homes Just Before Thanksgiving

    Well, the dogs have to eat too.
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    School me on dies

    Hey, if you can bolt it to the dining room table, and live to tell the tale, I'm all for it!
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    School me on dies

    The Forster press will make the most of those high quality dies. Been using mine for years. Some prefer a separate crimp die, I have done seating and crimping in one set up for a long time without problems. Good choices for your bench!