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    Options for AR-15 fixed mag

    I have a cross armory lock, p mag and bear defense loader. Honestly if I could go back in time I would have went featureless instead. The fixed mag is more comfortable but getting all ten rounds to consistently load has proven a challenge. I mostly use it with the minus 5 insert for...
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    So, I bought an air rifle....

    My hawke air max has held up fine on my hw97k.
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    Speaking of woodchucks...

    Two moved in this year. A small one and a huge fat bastard. The little one was chilling and enjoying his grass and the fat one waddled over, gave him a few sniffs and than whooped his ass lol.
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    Democrats want to allow you to sue your health insurance company

    I avoid the docs at all cost , shit is so expensive. I had three stitches put in my hand and a x ray, was over $600 after the insurance deductions and another $125 for the removal (kicking myself in the ass for that shit, only did it because I had stitches in my leg once that wasn't healed and...
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    Mom in Carmel NY fights back against teaching critical race theory as board tries to tone police her

    Hope she shows up and kicks their balls every meeting.
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    Troopers search for suspect in Colesville who shot trooper, considered armed and dangerous

    Not far from me, fish in the area they are searching pretty often
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    What company for slide work?

    My brother had his Glock 17 slide cut for his vortex venom and nitride finished by jagerwerks when they had their black Friday sale. Looks Great
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    Kingston Groceries for Guns brings in 80 guns

    Have a broken muzzleloader I could trade in.
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    Cuomo says not so fast on the mask removal

    Holy shit, go read reddit about this CDC mask ruling. These little bitches don't want to give up the mask because than people might think they are republicans. These people seriously need mental help.
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    Thompson center firearm dead?

    Like my accura Mr much more than the prohunter endeavor my uncle has.
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    New knife?

    I have a benchmade 940-1, syderco paramilitary 2 and 3 light weight. Also have a benchmade grizzly ridge but that stays in my pack for hunting season. Haven't had the itch to add anything to my collection.
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    Lead hunting ammo ban on Assembly agenda

    My 308 doesn't like barnes :(
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    Ma’Khia Bryant: Columbus police release bodycam footage of officer’s fatal shooting of teen

    Come on man, he should have hit the slow motion button, did a flip through the air and shot the knife out of her hand.
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    Knife Sharpening

    I use a kme with diamond stones for all my good pocket knives. For my boning knives, fillet knives, cheaper pocket knives, hunting knives.... I use a worksharp ken onion with the grinding attachment. Nice for putting on a sharp edge fast.
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    Knife Sharpening

    Does his have the grinding attachment? It makes a huge difference. Hated mine until I added that.