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    The New World Order and the spoken truths...

    Who Said B00GAL00 .
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    Connecticut Trooper Rant

    OH no I know what the stoner did ,I was just wondering what the trooper did wrong ,
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    SCOTUS conference due 6/1

    I like Turtles
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    Connecticut Trooper Rant

    Wait what did he do wrong?
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    Monkey Face and Polencarz

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    Tasers/Stun Guns

    Davis sports shop in Sloatsburg ny
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    Home Invasion Crew Picks Wrong House

    So there is allot of products available to hide a gun in plane sight. ,
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    Home Invasion Crew Picks Wrong House

    Years ago when I had small children all my guns were in one big safe, Now they are not. I suggest everyone else are not in one spot also for multiple reasons. Thats all I will say. No to sound crazy but every time I answer my door I am completely tuned in, I don't think its something innocent...
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    Tasers/Stun Guns

    YES they are now legal, Although when I called the state police to talk about it they said they have not re wrote the pinal law so its not a good idea to have one and it will probably be appealed apealed,And most cop are not aware its legal and will arrest and charge you with a crime. Davis...
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    Michael Bloomberg Confronted Over Having a Security Detail While Pushing for Gun Control

    Its called side TALK , well executed by mike ,did not answer question then advertised why he plans on restricting your guns again with "REASONABLE" restrictions NY Politicians SUCK
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    Range Backpacks??? Recommendations?

    Mine as-we'll ask what is the best caliber. So for a visit withe family and friends to the range this is the one I have It has room for rolled up targets, 4 hand guns, ears, eyes, foamies, staple gun , and there are labeled, and...
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    Black Rifles screwed it all up.

    yes you gun people are ruining it for us hunters, Only the hunters need guns to carry on the tradition and feed our families. Darn you all, And I again I do want to point out its still "George Bush fault"
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    Middle town gun show this week end 2-22 & 2-23

    I had a fun day . I also purchased a Kershaw Knife for my son , And a Bunch of raffle tickets not pictured ] About 3 years ago i purchased those cross draw Knife holsters from the Amish in the back woods of Tennessee and always have forgotten to bring them with me to the gun show to get Knifes...