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    Andrew Giuliani for NY Governor

    still better than what we have
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    Vortex Optics Opinions

    I have a couple of Vortex scopes I had an issue with 1 and I have to say that there customer service was great. that being said I personally am switching to Burris same warranty but they are not just an importer they are also a manufacturer right here in Colorado plus they are owned by Beretta...
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    Beretta buys Holland and Holland

    just read on another blog that Beretta has purchased Holland and Holland anyone else heard this?
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    LOL! Roundhill Group bringing back failed Rem. R51

    non of the new plastic guns bring much to the table there all pretty much the same so 1 has another round capacity or a different back strap or different stippiling they all pretty much operate the same way i maybe wrong but the last really new pistol that i recall was the beretta px storm with...
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    Spanish shotguns

    most Spanish shot guns I've seen in my 75 years on this planet are just ok I had a chance to hold Ernest Hemingway's spanish double and it was not impressive they make serviceable stuff but not in the same class as Purdey or Holland and holland or zefferelli or beretta they may be equal to some...
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    how to check lock time

    wonder why there"s not more discussion about this? I know all lot of shooters using flint locks and cap locks talk about it but but modern shooters don't seem to be much involved
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    how to check lock time

    speaking of triggers and accuracy I always read about the pull weight but never the lock time. is there a way a shooter can measure this? talking to a retired army sniper the other day and he said that 1 of the reasons the army went with the M24 remington is that not only did it have an...
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    Kimber Arms moving headquarters from New York to Troy, creating 366 Alabama jobs

    MothMan i would buy it it's going to be a NY gun I don't think they've started Alabama up yet
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    NY state rifle barrel makers

    seems as though he's more into reproduction rifles not that that's a bad thing
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    NY state rifle barrel makers

    ok guys help me out I know about and have used Hart barrels but some how I remember another maker maybe around Baldwinsville by Syracuse. any thoughts
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    Ruger customer support. (very positive outcome)

    seems to me as though this is an ongoing problem so instead of replacing them why don't they just re engineer the mags. hell I had this problem 10 years ago
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    Heavy clashes ongoing between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

    with armenia all the way hey dopes stop buying turkish guns
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    Howdy from orange county

    welcome from Montgomery
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    Butche's bore shine

    any thoughts on this product? it's been around a long time but I've never used it, benn using Hoppe's #9 for ever