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    Website sold ammo to underage accused Texas high school shooter, lawsuit says

    lucky gunner will ship to an FFL in NY, as the law says
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    Walmart obtaining your documents illegally????

    isn't your SS# part of the 4473 anyway? i don't think i have a copy of my birth certificate
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    GOA turns the tables and applies for a Red Flag order against shumer

    Nothing will happen to Chucky he is American royalty, the political elite of America
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    Holster Experts Needed

    i am a rather thin whale and like he said... never mind!
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    Ossining misunderstood youth arrested for illegal gun possession in Wappinger

    Wait recidivist murderers bank robbers and rapists walk free without bail, this guys has to pay bail?
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    Holster Experts Needed

    how did you guess my Nickname?
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    Holster Experts Needed

    i only say that because i have listened to "the Experts" far to many times and have drawer of holsters i hate! my favorite IWB is a vedder with claw
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    Two Ten-Year-Old Boys Arrested, Charged With Felonies For Playing With Toy Guns

    Crab apples anyone? that's what the "other" kids threw at cars when i was a kid. blind over a hill. can you imagine the Soy boy throwing a hissy fit about a nerf toy being pointed at him. where have all the men gone? hell i once fell on the floor of walmart when a strange kid points a toy gun...
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    Holster Experts Needed

    there are Only OPINIONS, NO Experts!
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    First Pistol

    the American P210 target is also amazing! (AND has the mag release where god intended it to be!)
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    Would you give a feedback about purchasing my first rifle? (sks)

    SKS is a fine rifle, but maybe not if its your only rifle. I always think a 10/22 is a Best first rifle. cheap and ammo is cheap, its all about amount of rounds shot Just my 2 Cents.
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    Cuomo wins bid to expand emergency powers for coronavirus

    this a quote heard while hearing two talking NY politicians speaking frankly! "vat ve need isss camps! camps for those who oppose me... i mean possess the virus! that is the ticket..."
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    New York Bill Would Mandate Individually ‘Coded’ and Registered Ammunition

    how often doesn't it need to be updated? i shot like 10000-12000 rounds last year and am on a faster pace this year. can the state just put GPS chips in each round and they can keep track!
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    New York Bill Would Mandate Individually ‘Coded’ and Registered Ammunition

    OKAY at great personal pain, i will help you dispose of that contraband ammo. top you want to deliver it to me or i guess i can come by and pick it up!