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    Debate - buddy of mine and I are comparing our setups for EDC

    No appreciable difference between those two setups.
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    DISASTER: Everyone Spots Whats In Front of Hochul At Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    Has there ever been a cunt as contemptible as that miserable twat?
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    2022 Best LPVO round up review

    Watch the video! PA's 1-8 got their top pick.
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    2022 Best LPVO round up review

    @Edwardteach72, you get your scope yet?
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    For those of you who carry IWB

    Same size pants if you wear a relaxed fit pants, up one size if you wear a tighter fit pants. Slim guns like a P365, Shield ect might shift things down a size relative to a full width double stack gun also. ATM I am carrying a Glock 19 and mag carrier IWB inside a +1 sized pants. I am wearing...
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    Kel-Tek SU16B NYC legal!

    Any of the modles with the full style stock, tge one that renders the rifle incapable of firing when folded, I belive fit the bill here. The SU-16CA model in particular. They are the better versions anyhow.
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    M&P M2.0 M&P®9 M2.0™ METAL

    When it comes to firearms I prefer a more business -like, guy in a dark suit and aviator sunglasses esthetic as opposed to a gold toothed rap video esthetic.
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    M&P M2.0 M&P®9 M2.0™ METAL

    Well, if they dropped a 10mm first it wouldn't sell very many and it'd likely tank the project so I support S&W's logical decision to launch their new metal frame in the most popular by far caliber. Next item- they gonna do it in all black soon? I don't like the silver coloration at all.
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    M&P M2.0 M&P®9 M2.0™ METAL

    10mm would have to be a totally different frame so I imagine the 10mm listing was a mistake.
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    M&P M2.0 M&P®9 M2.0™ METAL

    Probably they had to redact a non existent option.
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    M&P M2.0 M&P®9 M2.0™ METAL

    Two 'tings: I thinks it's kinda neat that once again S&W used a Shield model to preview a feature(s) that would later spread to other models, in this case the trigger. The trigger of this gun seems to be the same as is found on the Shield Plus, and it is indeed an ergonomically pleasing...
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    Should private businesses be allowed to ban guns?

    Actually I don't think anti gunners should be allowed to own businesses.
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    Credova comes under fire for financing gun and ammo purchases

    .......Interest free? I clicked on the little link that takes you to the terms, I believe the Interest rate was a ludicrously high 28%. Also, you should not be posting unarchived links to articles from mainstream and/or leftist sources. The clicks your link generates earns NBC money. An...
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    Gun Safe

    I keep some hanging in holsters in a closet, some hanging by sling on doors, FUCK YOU HOCHUL YOU IDIOT BITCH CUNT!!! Criticism of public officials, including those that are vulgar has been several times confirmed by courts as protected speech under the First Amendment.