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    Sig Primers??

    Do they really make their own ammo or is it subbed out to some ammo manufacture?
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    CZ currently negotiating to buy Colt

    You really want big brother's fingers in more pie's? Gvmt has NO business in business!
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    DONE LEVERevolution powder 1 pound. $25.00

    PM on the way.
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    Forbes Says It's Targeting Trump Staffers and Their Future Employers

    Shame that kind of thing happens but how do you control it? I'm sure the locals know how good the place is and that's who really supports a small biz like that.
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    Forbes Says It's Targeting Trump Staffers and Their Future Employers

    No! His parents were married!
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    Gun control in the ’21 State of the State

    Great, another feel good law
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    Article Of Impeachment Against Trump To Be Introduced Monday In House

    She's such a cold miserable bitch that floe would soon turn into an ice bridge!
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    Lee Bulge Buster

    I must've missed that part! Personally I've gotten away from the real hot stuff as I've gotten older and my guns and my right wrist and hand thanks me. (all joking aside)
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    ⚠️Self-experiment in snow and ice - Overnight only in underwear at -5 ° in the hay

    Self-experiment in snow and ice - Overnight PHHTT, did that as a kid in Boy Scouts but we wore clothes. Hay and straw are GREAT insulators.
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    Lee Bulge Buster

    Yes, most defiantly. Darth, that brass is BAD! something is wrong, might be the chamber maybe the load or maybe the brass itself. I have a bunch of Starline brass in .45LC that some will not even go into the sizer die and the ones that do fit so tight that I've never completely resized one. My...
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    First Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Nice! Now I'll send you my brass to clean.;)
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    Lee Bulge Buster

    I've used them in 9 and 45 with good results when used before loading, I tried like others to use them on loaded cases to "iron" out imperfections like a bullet started a bit crooked. It worked but it also has a tendency to "iron" out any crimp and size down the (lead)bullet and that doesn't...
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    Stepping Things Up With Chy-Na, Re: Taiwan

    Yes, but it will be politically embarrassing for him.
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    Lynch: As Donald Trump is driven from the White House, he should find no safe harbor in golf

    Also I kinda doubt that he charges himself to play at his course.
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    Sen. Lindsey Graham is Working with Democrats to Prosecute ‘Thousands’ of Trump Supporters for ‘Sedition’

    Sen. Lindsey Graham should be arrested for impersonating a public servant!