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    2019-20 Hiunting Season

    well I missed a really nice buck this morning, however 25 minutes later this guy walked by. Double lunged him at 18 yards. photo upload website
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    Sounds good. Let me know if you run into any issues.
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    need a good holster

    I’ve spent a lot of money on holsters, and you will too. I’m currently rocking a JM Custom Kydex holster and couldn’t be happier.
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    AR barrel length and where to buy?

    Barrel length is not going to affect accuracy. Go with a 16” tube.
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    AR barrel length and where to buy?

    I have a 20" Noveske, and it was actually the first AR I ever purchased. As much as the rifle holds a sentimental value with me, I honestly have a hard time finding a purpose for it. I do enjoy shooting it, and I have shot some of the best groups of my life with it... but that's about it. For...
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    Glock Flux Brace

    Opinions lol?
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    Big Game Season 2018

    It was a fun morning in the woods today. Shot this guy at about 45 yards away with the super inadequate 223 pistol. 20 minutes later I had 2 doe come by being chased by a coyote. Shot the coyote on the run and tracked blood for about 300 yards before giving up on him. Really wish I could have...
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    Big Game Season 2018

    Just don’t let the wife find out!
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    Big Game Season 2018

    I got my dad a crossbow for his birthday this year, and he just filled his tag with a great buck! The call I got from him when he found it totally made my day. The shot was approximately 30 yards, and the bolt smashed through both shoulders.
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    F/S Ruger American Ranch 300 BO

    What’s the barrel length? How many rounds you got through it?
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    Big Game Season 2018

    Well I managed to take my second deer with a bow. Not the monster I would have hoped for, however my work schedule is picking up and I don’t know the next time I will be able to make it out.
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    Black bear defense gun?

    wise choice.
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    Black bear defense gun?

    A buddy of mine is an instructor for a class calling “Surviving the Griz” based out of Montana. One exercise the class does, is essentially the Tueller drill, where a target advances on you from 7 yards. They found that more times than not, something like a Glock 20 to be much faster, resulting...