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    WTB AR15 Iron Sights

    Monday night at your club or Wednesday at MC Tim
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    WTB AR15 Iron Sights

    I have a set of Magpul plastic backup sites you can demo and see if you like them.
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    yyyeaaa, free college ~~~only if you're an illegal alien

    Just had this discussion with my daughter about her "free college" and the 1098-T form that came in the mail. They took other peoples money, gave it to you and now want to collect tax on the Free tuition costs. I said when your in the tax paying work force they will take your money and give it...
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    Orange County Amendment Time

    Lets not change the subject of this thread. When you receive your amended permit, post how long it took and what judge signed it. I think its a good thread just so OC residents have idea what kind of wait they are in for.
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    Newburgh City Judge To Run For County Court

    Very important, every vote counts in
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    NYGF Challenge January and February 2020 target challenge

    Just the fact that you get to shoot off your back deck, I hate you:)
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    Posing in Monsey with High cap mags and non compliant guns

    Is that the correct spelling :)
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    Remove Sportsman Restrictions from (Rockland County) Pistol Permits!

    I found this on OCSHOOTERS.COM This made me write a letter to my judge asking to have what I called the comment on my license. "Hunting and Target" I had asked 5 or 6 police officers what this comment meant. Non really had an answer. I never suggested on my application that I was a hunter so I...
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    Texas church shooting live stream

    New link
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    Texas church shooting live stream

    Good guys with guns coming to the aid of others in danger
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    Largest MS-13 Bust in NY History. Why bother if Cuomo is going to put them back on the street 1/1/2020

    Will Cuomo put them back on the street with Drivers licenses and voting rights
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    Gotta love Trump and his twitter President Trump on Sunday took a swipe at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., over her response to a reporter who asked why bribery wasn’t included in the newly unveiled articles of impeachment,
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    Underwater Ammo Design Mimics Torpedoes

    I'm not going for it.
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    Glock Announcement.. Speculation?

    I sure hope purple guns are not their big announcement .
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    AvE is getting into guns

    Love his unboxing.