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    F/S 40 S&W and 38spl +p ammo for sale

    Will you ship ?
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    F/S Anderson stripped lower receivers $89.00

    Anderson stripped lower receivers. Model AM-15 Multi caliber Brand new Have ones with no logo and have others with American flag logo , “Dont tread on me” logo, The punisher skull logo and the Spartan Molon Labe logo. $89.00 Includes transfer fee Must be 21 years old with valid NYS drivers...
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    Hessney auction in Geneva on April 24

    Hessney auctions are the WORST.. Biggest ripoff going. By the time youre done with the "buyers premium" and the Sales tax, you end up payiong more then gunbroker.. Stay away
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    F/S 9MM ammo for sale

    Range Bucket's are SOLD Still have a few boxes of Winchesters and Blazers
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    DONE 60 Rounds Underwood 380 Auto +P XTP JHP 90 gr. 1200 fps

    I said the same thing . I PMd this guy 10 minutes after he posted and has not responded to any of them
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    F/S 9MM ammo for sale

    For sale (50) count Blazer Brass 115Gr $38.00 per box (100) count Winchester 115Gr $ 75.00 per box (350) count Remington range bucket 115gr $300.00 (** SOLD **) Rochester area F2F only I take cash,Venmo,PayPal,cash app
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    DONE Winchester 5.56 green tip

    Last box sold
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    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    I never said that it’s required by “state law” I said I would NEVER give out a receipt without doing a background check first. Someone else on here was saying that the way I do it was wrong.
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    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    no I will not sell to a person that does not have a permit already.
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    Cuomo extended our waiting time for handguns?

    I’m an FFL and I run all my background checks before I give a receipt . Why in the world would I give a receipt to someone that can’t pass a background check ? Then all of a sudden this joker has a gun on his permit and fails the BGC.. no thanks.
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    DONE Winchester 5.56 green tip

    One left. Price lowered to $175.00 Thanks
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    DONE Winchester 5.56 green tip

    For sale Rochester area Winchester 5.56 200 round range pack 62 grain green tip $175.00 each one left Prefer F2F Cash/ cash app / Venmo / PayPal Thanks
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    WTB Ammo 30-30

    if anyone in the Rochester area is selling any 30-30 let me know. Looking to get some
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    DONE 9mm and 5.56 ammunition for sale

    Where in NY are you located