F/S Cajunized CZP09 and Accesories

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    Hello All,
    I had high hopes of getting used to a Semi Auto to shoot steel plate matches, but I'm a wheel gunner at heart, so I'm selling my cajunized CZ P09 and everything to compete in steel challenge or other pistol games.
    Has an 8lb DA pull and a 3lb SA pull.
    I sent the barrel to a smith who lengthened the throat, polished the chamber and also crowned the barrel. The P09 is known to have a short chamber, but is a bitch to have the work done because of the Nitride finish on it.
    It'll shoot any 9mm round now, is 100% reliable and is ready to burn some powder !
    I only have around 500 rounds fired through it.
    Not even broken in yet.
    It's set up with a left hand Magazine release and Decocker and LH holster.
    I can set it up for a right hand release, safety and holster, if the buyer wants it that way.

    It also has;
    Cajun Pro package (Except the Hammer), installed by me.
    Stainless guide rod
    5ct- 10 Rd Magazines
    Dawson Front and Rear Fiber optic sights.
    Talon Grip that has a small wear spot on the left side, due to my wedding band rubbing on it.
    4ct- Safariland Mag Holders (771)
    Size 44 shooters connection Comp belt system
    Comp Tac QB-2 Ambi Holster with QD attachment. Can be set up for a left or right hand shooter.
    MagLuLa Magazine loader.
    All Factory parts.
    $750 Firm shipped CONUS to an FFL and No trades please.
    This package is worth a lot more than that without S+H, but I need it gone, as I already bought a S&W 617 with all the fixens.

    IMG_1068.JPG IMG_1071.JPG IMG_1070.JPG
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  2. Shoots100

    Shoots100 9mm

    Nobody needs a Kick Ass Pistol ready for Blasting ???????
    All you need is Ammo, and this Baby is ready to play !
    I just Itemized this package and I have over $1,200 into it.
    That's without the Comp Belt system, Holster, time spent installing the Cajun Pro Package, polishing the internals and S/H.
    Only 200 Flawless rounds fired through it since the work has been done.
    I built this P-09 to the same specs of a P-09 that a very qualified FBI instructor uses.
    He has over 100,000 rounds fired through his P-09 and it's still going strong.
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    Where are you located?

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