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Discussion in 'Help & Feedback' started by Celt, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Celt

    Celt .308 Win

    I'm not a big buyer or seller on Forum classifieds so I'm curious about what is considered acceptable classified etiquette.

    For instance, my understanding is that typically the first person to say "I'll take it" is essentially entering into a verbal contract, and if you claim "I'll take it" and you don't purchase it, that it is poor behavior and frowned upon. And as a seller its equally poor to bypass someone for a better offer.

    Over the years I've seen some examples in the classifieds that made me question both sellers and buyers. What prompted my question was a classified ad I posted in yesterday about an item that was up for trade. I showed interest, although I did not commit and then I saw the ad was closed with the thread marked as sold even though the item was listed for trade. I'm not pissed off about it as I was undecided about the item, but my question is more about buying and selling ethics more than anything. And really what is considered socially acceptable.

    I know for me personally, I have listed items for sale in the past where I received multiple offers. The first offer will always have the first opportunity, even if the second offer is higher. And as a buyer if I see someone post a reply to a classified ad I would not send a PM to try and outflank that person who posted the first response. I would simply post in the ad that if the first poster wasn't interested to let me know.

    I'd like to know what you guys think that are frequent buyers and sellers as it would effect how I use the classifieds. With the thread in the classifieds I was talking about, if I felt like I was seriously interested but I was worried about somebody else snagging the deal then I might have been more inclined too aggressively say "I'll take it" as compared to asking some more questions before committing. Again, I wasn't in the market for the item in question, but in the future if I see something that I am more interested in I would like to know how I should handle it so as to not lose out on something I really want.
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  2. kev74

    kev74 .338 Win Mag

    I have also seen things I didn't agree with going on while buying and selling (mostly selling), however most of the transactions I've completed (especially here) have been positive. I view the negatives as the price to pay for using the platform. Same as using Craigslist.

    I view an "I'll take it" as a contract and expect a buyer to complete the sale after that. I would feel like a scumbag if I backed out after saying I'd take it. I've bought things that I started second guessing myself on because I didn't want to be that guy. I've had a buyer at the old place back out of buying a rifle because his wife said no ( :eek: ). Another guy couldn't figure out how to send a PayPal for over a week. I can't imagine ever doing that.

    It seems like sometimes people think asking a question or making a comment gives them some kind of place on line. I think whoever offers up the cash gets first dibs. That being said, the seller can sell to whoever they want to, although taking offers out of turn or reneging on a lower offer for a higher offer seems a bit less than honorable.
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  3. thegatman

    thegatman .223 Rem

    I have sold some items and bought some items. I have had no problems. I do wonder why my ads for selling never jump to the new post section. Oh well.
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  4. kev74

    kev74 .338 Win Mag

    They look new for other people. You saw it when you posted, so its not new to you any more.
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  5. BDinPutnam

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    I have bought a number of times, never sold. Always positive experiences.

    @kev74 pretty much said everything I would have said.
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  6. gun_slinger_boy

    gun_slinger_boy 6.5 Creedmoor

    Posting "I'll take it" is different than "I'm interested" IMO. I'll take it is a binding agreement as much as a random post on a random thread can be binding. As far as PMs go that's all up in the air. If you don't post I'll take it on the thread then why not take the highest bid? Nothing wrong with telling people that there is another person looking at it and if that deal falls through you're next. That's almost like ebay and exactly like craigs list. But at the end of the day unless you're on a legit buying and selling site with enforcement of rules, the seller or buyer can do whatever they want. Even if it's less than honorable.
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  7. tirwin1

    tirwin1 .223 Rem

    I think it can be a gray area ethically when someone comes in willing to buy an item above what the seller is asking even if someone else has already said they would take it. As a buyer I would be a little angry but I can understand the seller wanting to get more for the item. Ultimately I believe the first person to definitively state they will purchase it should get preference.
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  8. Bullet Guy

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    Posting “i will take it” commits the buyer to buy. BUT DOES NOT COMMIT THE SELLER TO SELL TO THAT BUYER....until the seller contacts the buyer and agrees.

    I say this as just cause the buyer says he will take it does not mean that the seller does not already have it sold already.

    Anything other that “i will take it” by the buyer means nothing. I actually hate when buyers say pm sent etc etc. as it makes ither potential buyers move on. Almost sent is just some question. It is not needed. I usually delete those posts. This keeps my ad alive.

    To the OP. As far as the ad you are talking about, your discourse was just that. Discourse. You neve commited. So you sent him a pm with “interest”. Ao what.

    If you want it. Post “i will take it”. Then payment should be sent.

    If you are thinking about it. Think privately.
  9. masterswimmer

    masterswimmer .308 Win

    In a perfect utopian world the first person to shout 'I'll Take It' gets it, IMO.

    The problem is this ain't Shangri La and definitely not utopia. The reality is, buying from a marketplace forum online where you do not get to touch and feel the merchandise, inspect the quality of the item (other than pix) means people will experience buyers remorse even before a transaction is consummated.

    I have bought and sold many items over more than a decade online. No firearm related items, only saltwater reefkeeping merch. The people are the same regarding online sales. I've had more 'I'll Take Its' than I've had completed sales. Shit happens. I don't hold a grudge, I don't take offense, I do take note. Those who cry wolf with their enthusiasm and announcement that they want the item and don't follow through don't typically get another chance to screw the pooch. Certain considerations will apply if they're respectable and considerate when they back out though.

    Bottom line, if you're the seller, your rules.
    If you're the buyer, money talks bullshit walks.
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  10. Celt

    Celt .308 Win

    I agree with everything your saying, and im not bothered by it as i never committed. It really just made me question the proper protocol for when/if i see somerhing im dead set on getting.
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  11. Carlos Hathcock

    Carlos Hathcock .308 Win

    I'm recently guilty of this.....sort of. I jumped on something I liked and decided "I want it". I credit the seller for bringing up an important piece of info (like its current form makes it illegal) before I got a chance to transfer funds. That info made my decision a little different so I backed away. Again, great that he was honest but sorry, it changed my mind.

    I've had pretty decent experiences buying on here and I've made more than a couple purchases.
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  12. CaseHardened

    CaseHardened .308 Win

    "I'm interested" means I need more info.

    "I'm thinking about it" - same.

    "I will buy it" means just that. Unless the buyer is slow with the $$$, or is attempting an illegal purchase, the Seller is a total dick not to sell it.

    Tho … Decades ago I offered an item to a man for $600. He said yes.

    I quickly discovered it was worth 10K, easy.

    I sold it for $600; told the missus it was the principle.

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  13. HEX

    HEX Adminiraptor Staff Member Administrator

    While I'd agree that an "I'll take it" is a commitment, and that an honorable seller should abide by it based on who said it first, a post in a thread does not necessarily mean it's the first one the seller got. Another user may have sent an earliar PM before (or not at all) posting in the thread. Also, another thing to consider is that many people cross post items across different places on the internet, local offers with friends, etc.
    A few times over my forum staffing 'career' I've had to mediate such misassumptions/misunderstandings.
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  14. Twogunwilly

    Twogunwilly .45 acp

    Just went through this yesterday, I'm the first I'll take it and now 2nd in line.:wtf:
  15. togmaster

    togmaster .338 Win Mag

    No soup for you!
  16. Celt

    Celt .308 Win


    In a case like you explained, if a seller is cross posting then I think it should be listed as such in the classified ad.

    Just as it's good etiquette to be a responsible buyer, it's important to be a responsible seller and provide the full story.
  17. Exonautic

    Exonautic 6.5 Creedmoor

    there's a line where honor meets stupid. That line was about $7000 in your rear view mirror.
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