College administrators force student into hostile meeting for simply taking pictures with unloaded g

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    College administrators force student into hostile meeting for simply taking pictures with unloaded guns

    Should holding an unloaded gun at an off-campus event lead to questioning from college administrators?

    This seems like an absurd question, but based on a report from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, that’s exactly what happened to Anand Venigalla, a student at Long Island University Post, a small liberal arts college close to New York City.

    Venigalla, a junior, attended an event hosted by the popular sporting goods store, Cabela’s. That event was off-campus and unaffiliated with the university or his studies. After attending, he posted photos and videos of himself holding various firearms to his personal Facebook. All of the images are either of him clearly in the store or holding antique weapons
    reportedly acting on a complaint from another student, administrators called Venigalla in to answer questions about his Facebook post.

    In that request, or really demand, for a meeting the university said that it was “imperative” they meet as soon as possible and said that the meeting was mandatory — even though it was summer break

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    College administrators force student into hostile meeting for simply taking pictures with unloaded guns
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    Screw the nanny state, you're not my mother. If it's legal at the point the activity occurred, off campus, out of work etc. NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS. Liberal state mind control.

    In the past I've lived off campus as an older student in an apartment and had the damn shotgun in the closet. It never violated your piss-ant campus "rules" so kiss my ass. A number of other campus friends rented privately off campus specifically for this same reason.

    Micromanaging midget morons.

    Here's an actual gun club on campus: (NOT IN NY!)
    Purdue University
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    Lol. Ya know we never had these problems before facebook.
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    yeah, we also didn't have these problems before society was conditioned to believe that even touching a gun was the worst form of evil known to man, and that personal lives were personal and not for public approval.
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    None of your business. Piss off.
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    Off-campus, after hours on personal time, DURING summer break and you demand a meeting. what part of go fuck yourself don't you understand. And if you try to suspend or expel me the next person you will be talking too is my attorney, I'll be suing the school. Does the school demand meeting with people who have graduated and posed for pictures with guns, Fuck off
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    LIU Post is a non-accedited school whose incoming Freshman Classes have shrunk 30% to 550, and they are facing a poaching lawsuit from Mercy College. Now, do they really think that screwing around with a student's rights is going to magically improve their image?
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    A few years back on a Friday afternoon, my son found out in school that another kid had grabbed his girlfriends ass while walking in the hall in high school. My son decided confront the guy who had done it by walking to the kids bus stop and waiting for him. So the kid gets off the bus, and my son beats the shit out of him, and then makes him call and apologize to his girlfriend. Monday morning I am called by the school to come pick up my son for fighting. I said "Fighting who / where?" The told me Friday afternoon after school. I said " You mean after he was home from school, and walked to another block?" They said Yes. I told them I would be there in an hour with my Attorney and hung up. 15 minutes or so later, they called back and said he was fine to stay in school after all.

    Moral of the story - The places that are supposed to educate are now becoming law enforcers, and bad ones at that. These places have no business in our private lives, or in the decisions we make outside of school.
  9. Carlos Hathcock

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    ^^^Exactly. Mind your own fucking business. Teaching = school's job. Fighting = police job.
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