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Discussion in 'Help & Feedback' started by Willjr75, Sep 27, 2017.

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  1. Willjr75

    Willjr75 .450/400 Nitro Ex U.S. Military

    Since I was having problems with the Dark theme that has since been corrected (Thank you!), I have gone to the light theme and have gotten used to it.

    The light theme doesn't have the floating banner that the dark themes have. The one that says,"Watched Threads, inbox, and Alerts." This makes it difficult when you are at the bottom reading a page and you get an alert or want to click on the "New Posts" button. You have to slowly scroll all the way up to get to it.

    Can we get that for the light theme?
  2. HEX

    HEX Adminiraptor Staff Member Administrator

    So, the thing with that is (if I'm remembering correctly at the moment) that the light theme is essentially the default of the forum software; though configured with our chosen colors and some very minor custom bits.
    The dark themes however are actually really various color options within what is a single customized commercial theme that we've paid to license. A few fancier custom options are part of that licensed code. As you might then imagine, there are potentially complications when it comes to then implementing only bits and pieces between the themes; certainly practical ones and maybe even also with the licensing.

    There is, in theory, actually a fairly simple solution to syncing the whole thing up. It's just that in practice it's a ton of work and would likely cause temporary technical issues for light theme users until the kinks were worked out. It is something we will eventually address and get worked out I'm sure, but it just hasn't been a priority because both themes work fairly well currently; albeit with some obvious differences. It could actually be argued that it's been optimal in some situations where we make a minor mistake in one of them for users to be able to temporarily use the other.
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