Just got back from the Ilion Fish & Game Club range

Discussion in 'General Firearm Talk' started by eochief66, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. eochief66

    eochief66 .38 Special


    I went to the range this morning to test some 38 special wad cutter loads I had worked up.

    Some guys from Remington Arms were there to final test the above new Marlin, without the suppressor.
    They were putting 38's and 357 mags through them for the final function test before release. Nice looking little rifle, and they ran flawlessly while I was there.
    I jokingly asked them if a wad cutter would feed through them, they all laughed and said "no."

    This would make a nice ladies gun!
  2. HighlandLofts

    HighlandLofts 6.5 Creedmoor

    I tried double ended eat cutters in my Ruger 77/357, they had to be hand fed into the chamber.

    Another thing at 50 yards the 38spl shot about 5 inches low and an inch or two to the right when the Ruger was sighted in for 357 magnum rounds.

    That is a nice looking rifle.
  3. ProgSpear

    ProgSpear .308 Win

    I have a .357/.38 Henry and love the thing. Just plain fun. Too bad this state is so retarded on suppressors, but it would look better on a savage 10 or RPR than a lever.

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