One State Looking To Make It Even More Difficult To Get Carry Permits

Discussion in 'Firearms in the News' started by Catskillkid, Feb 13, 2018.

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    One State Looking To Make It Even More Difficult To Get Carry Permits

    Throughout the nation, the trend over the last few years has been to make it easier and easier to get a concealed carry permit. As a result, people feel safer in those states, especially those who understand that criminals have been carrying guns regardless of the laws since the dawn of time.

    However, it seems that not every state wants to go along with that trend. Especially California, who is in a battle with New York for who wants to be considered the most anti-gun state in the country. While California has held the title for some time, the Empire State is making a strong bid lately. That means California has had to up the ante.
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    This is the actual zombie apocalypse from coast to coast :violin:it' like a cancer o_O
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    Thank heaven it's not coast TO coast but coast and coast.
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    I happen to agree with a live fire training scenario. We have driver ed and road test for vechicles. I grew up with others teaching me how to shoot, no harm done, I'm the instructor now. It's crazy to give someone a permit and tell them to figure it out for themselves. A great law brought to us by incompetent legislative morons.

    NY is seriously deranged. When my son was under 18 I could let him shoot my handguns at the range under my supervision (but not my wife.) When he turned 18, he had to wait till age 21 and get his own permit.

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    I am not picking on you. This state has done a great job of brainwashing you.
    Using Florida or NH or PA or any of the other great states in this nation where there are no training requirements to purchase or carry a handgun, where are the statistics that show people are harming themselves from a lack of knowledge on guns? (I will let someone else make the argument of WHERE in the BoR this is).

    Yes, NY's gun laws are crazy, but mostly because they require a permit, and stupid references and equally stupid built in 3-6-9-12-18 month waiting period to possess, on top of the already onerous federal laws and hoops.

    What is crazy, is in Westchester - the only county that requires a class, there are no parts of the class that actually require or allow hands on activity with gun handling. There is already an overwhelming amount of scientific study, statistical data, anecdotal data and "common sense" knowledge that actual hands on exposure and practice with any skill significantly increases the ability, confidence and awareness of the participant. THAT is crazy, where everything points to where actual gun handling would make everyone safer, but the state goes in the opposite direction.

    Do I think everyone show know how to safely use and store a gun they own? Yes.
    Do I think the state should MANDATE this? No, how about teaching personal responsibility? This would significantly lessen the burden of the state in many ways. But we already know the government feeds on itself, it needs to grow, it is obdurate. A knowledgeable, self sufficient citizenry is the biggest threat there is to big government.
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    I think that is one of the main laws that should be changed. Even NJ allows non licensed people to shoot at certified ranges.
    A temporary solution might be to become a NRA instructor. There is a exception in the law for the NRA to promote small arms accuracy. I don’t know for sure. But something to explore.
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    would you happen to know how long does it take to get a response from the Appeal unit at 1 police plaza?
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    Does anyone know how long the appeal unit from 1 police plaza takes to respond to an appeal?
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    We have to take a hunter safety class to hunt deer. Why not a handgun safety class to shoot handguns?
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    Maybe it is the pesky infringement right. In that vein...
    Why not have mandatory religious education classes before you are allowed to pray (It ts common sense. Historically religion has led to war and otherwise you might pray wrong to an unapproved God)?
    How about requiring a law degree before you are entitled to a trial by a jury of your peers (It is common sense since legal consequences can be severe so let big brother determine your fate until you are qualified to make choices)?
    How about an accredited graduate degree before you are allowed to speak (It is common sense that words can hurt )?
    Maybe we need a history and literacy test before a voter is registered to pay poll taxes (It makes some sense)?
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    How about pass a 8 hour civics class if one wants to vote .

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