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    We are excited to announce that @Rescuestuff is now a vendor here on NYGF! @Rescuestuff is a shop located in Peekskill (northern Westchester) who sells new and used firearms, ammo, knives, 5.11 gear and they also specialize in custom embroidery, screen printing, EMS / Police / Fire uniforms and more. I have been a client of theirs for over 10 years and they have always treated me more than fair.

    They will be taking all pistol and rifle transfers for any NYGF for the discounted rate of $20 until the 4th of July. Just mention that you are a NYGF member and the discount will be passed along. If you need a copy of their FFL e-mailed or sent to another FFL please contact them. They are listed on Buds and some other online retailers as well.

    If you are on FB or Instagram you should follow them, they post new and used guns regularly. Sometimes some pretty interesting firearms come across their counter, too.

    Rescuestuff, Inc (@rescuestuffinc) • Instagram photos and videos
    Rescuestuff, Inc. | Facebook

    Here's a few firearms they recently posted

    For more information please post in this section, contact @Rescuestuff here on the forum or visit Rescuestuff, Inc. - Embroidery, Screen Printing, Uniforms & More
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    Awesome! I'm all for adding more people here to help us out!
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    20 transfer fee is a deal I wish I was closer
  4. @Rescuestuff are great people! My go to FFL as well as silk screen and embroidery shop. I recommend anyone looking for an FFL, silk screen and embroidery to hit up Rescuestuff.
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    So much for these guys?

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