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  1. Thought I would reach out to the hunters on this forum. A friend suggested it and I haven't been on the site before, but it sure looks like a pretty good forum. I look forward to reading much more.


    An opportunity has presented itself to do something good as well as meet one of National QDMA's goals to step up participation in venison donation programs. Great Rochester Southern Tier Branch is moving full steam ahead, but I need ALL of your help if you can.

    The Venison Donation Coalition (VDC) is a not for profit organization that funds processors when they cut up deer donated to the program. The processors do it for a reduced rate and when it's said and done it cost about $1 to put 4 servings of Venison into programs to feed the hungry in NY.

    Rather than just donating to the VDC we are taking a little different approach to leverage a donation from the branch. We have set up a Go Fund Me campaign and the branch will match dollar for dollar, any donations made to our campaign up to $1,000. That would be $2,000 and 8,000 servings and lives touched.

    In typical NYS fashion, even though they "Partner" with the Venison Donation Coalition and provide grants for it to operate the bulk of the operation comes from donations. Have you ever been asked while purchasing your license if you would like to contribute to the venison donation program? Well that money goes here. I did not know that and never contributed because I figured it was more money going to the state pockets and I never bought in to it. Well know I know.

    Let's do something good. I think $1,000 in donations can be hit and I hope you can help me do it.

    Here is what I need from each of you. Open this link. If you would like to contribute that would be wonderful. Every little bit helps. What I also need is for you share through your Facebook, email listings and contacts, then ask that they do the same.

    Click here to support GRST QDMA feeding those in need organized by Greater Rochester ST QDMA

    Thank you

    Greater Rochester Southern Tier, QDMA
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    never heard that or was asked by my Town Clerk when i got my tags last week ... but i would share my hunt with anyone that wants to come out and do the work too .. they don't even have to shoot .. just sit there all day with me .. .. if you want free meat its road kill unless i get to it first .. why i say that .. DONATIONS in green above ..

    if i set up a gofundme for ammo and time .. will you help ?

    BTW .. Raccoon is so yummmy omg all dark meat and juicy and tender ..

    @GOPerfect @GOYABEAN @Doc8404 @spat @HighlandLofts @tapper3
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    Down here, the Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry program is 100% volunteer. From the hunters, to the processors, it is all donated.
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    if I get anything this year I was thinking of donating wife does not like venison and wont cook it. I may make some jerky but other than that........
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    I hunt deer. I am not very good at it. I get bored pretty quick. Sometimes, I just wait for squirrels to come by and I shoot them instead. I don't kill many deer, I get bored pretty quick.

    I do not like Venison, never have. If I shoot one of the forest rats, I give it away. The place I take it to, does all the work. I drop it off and forget about it. That is about the only donation I ever give. Pretty rare that I donate my time or money; I just don't care about others enough.
  8. If you set it up to bring others into the sport or provide training to those that could not afford it, I would. I get it, this type of campaign is not for everyone. luckily there are some folks that see the benefit of a program like this. Good luck this season and stay safe.
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  9. Actually I think it is run the same way it is run in NY. Here is the quote from their page. "As KHFH coordinates with deer processors, Dare to Care and other participating food banks to distribute venison we work tirelessly to obtain the funding to cover the processing fees. Donations of any size are always welcome via check or PayPal. Your donations are fully tax deductible. In addition to helping finically support KHFH we need your extra meat"

    Donating a deer is wonderful. I do multiples each year becasue the area I live in is over populated. I have gone to the butchers later in the season and had them turn the donation away becasue the funding was exhausted for the year.
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    I understand what the website says, but I am telling you from my short experience being down here the past 3 years. I have a farmer Buddy of mine that has to take in the neighborhood of 30-35 doe a year off of his farms. I also know that many of them go to a local processor who cuts, and packages them all up, without hesitation. I've spoken to this particular processor directly and asked him about it. His answer was: "we take care of our own down here, anyway, and every way possible". He told me he just does it, and does not have any intentions of turning down ANY legal deer brought to him for the program. I then asked him how he gets compensated for all the work. He told me he doesn't, and repeated his statement to me; "we take care of our own down here, anyway, and every way possible"!

    I realize this particular shop might be an anomaly, but given what I know about the Folks down in this part of the state, I would be willing to bet that it is actually the norm.
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    what would really kick ass with this program and any venison pantry for the hungry .. is .. ok you like venison .. yes .. then help get them into hunting deer also .. but like Moman said .. we just do it and not ask .. hell my neighbor buys a hog every year and just shows up with a bag of meat .. here .. and i already have meat in the freezer ..
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  12. I wish NY had more folks like that.
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  13. Our branch has a program that is open to anyone in out region. we hold classes, conduct the hunter education course take them out on range days, buy their licenses and take them out on mentored hunts. This year we have 5 participants and have 5 on the waiting list for next year. It's called Field to Fork and deals with everything, even processing and cooking it. I know donating and even participating in programs like this isn't everyone's bag. I just thought there may be members here that could see the benefit. It's getting pretty good support over on Hunting NY and NY Firearms.

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